View Full Version : window wiper issues??

04-12-2007, 04:44 PM
okay my wipers arent working and its kinda a pin in the ass trying to squeegee my windows when it rains and i have to drive at the same time. checked the fuse of course it was fine. looked at the wiper motor, but i really have NO idea AT ALL about anything electrical such as wireing or this little motor thing, so if theres a way to check if the motor is just fried or if some wires are just fucked, some knowledge would help me tons! They just kinda stopped working one day no reason, just stopped... if that helps any, thats all the info ive got??? help me pleeease:confused: :dontknow:

04-12-2007, 04:46 PM
oh yeah and if i turn on my wipers to the first click... it makes weird turning signal noise but all random and fucked sounding comeing from the dash... and if i click it past the fist one it's just silent.. nothing.

04-12-2007, 06:39 PM
check to make sure your window frame is grounded probably. Just take a wire and ground it from the motor to the neg post on the battery. If it works thats the problem, if not you need a new motor.

There not cheap for a rebuilt. But I might have a used one here somewhere.

sj-x 500
04-12-2007, 06:51 PM
you just gotta get your self a squeegee kid.

04-12-2007, 08:43 PM
haha man thats pretty much what i had going last time i was out it was POURING rain/snow... my brother was my squeegee boy.. alright i'll check out the greound issue on saturday when i got some time... if thats the problem that would be pretty damn simple.. (fingers crossed) thank yous [cheers]

sj-x 500
04-12-2007, 09:05 PM
it could be the switch too though, hard to tell you how to test it on here, but backprobe the connetor at the wiper motor, you need to have power on all 3 settings

04-13-2007, 01:08 AM
burn it

04-13-2007, 10:30 AM
or epic could get a suzuki so he can burn it himself...............

04-15-2007, 07:19 PM
hey zookieguy i tried the ground wire thing... it made the clicking on the first setting go alot faster... but that was about it, pretty sure the thing is f.u.b.a.r , how much you want for the used one if youve got it??