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01-10-2007, 01:56 PM
any dana 30 guru's out there?
I have a 4.10 geared 8.8 axle for the rear of my XJ.
the front Dana 30 has 3.55.

reverse cut, carrier split, high pinion/low pinion, JY/XJ axle.....arghhh!

I have gears and a carrier with 3.73 gears out of an XJ. been told I can't use the 3.55 carrier, but I can use the 3.73 carrier. Problem is I have offered to sell the 3.73 D30 gears/carrier as a package with a 3.73 LSD geared 8.8 I have and someone wants them. Is this true? can't use the 3.55 carrier?

I also have a lead on some 4.10 gears but no carrier....

So what CAN I use? will a complete 4.10 D30 from a YJ/TJ be a direct fit under my XJ?

If someone can point me in the right direction of the pieces I can use, would really appreciate it. I have my 6" long arm lift, SYE on a 242 t case, brake lines, etc -now I just need 4.10 gears for the front and I can lift it and put the 8.8 in.
Thanks for any info

01-10-2007, 01:59 PM
www.naxja.com (http://www.naxja.com), like a bible for xj's

01-10-2007, 02:11 PM
I should have mentioned - I searched on naxja and a bunch of other sites and came up with a lot of stuff (some contradictory and some clearly SWAGs)

Just hoping someone has the facts

01-10-2007, 02:16 PM
talk to Nutbar then, or Matt at Jeap Thrills

01-10-2007, 07:35 PM
The 3.55 carrier will not work but stock open case carriers are cheap new Matt usually stocks it at the store your spider gears will fit the new carrier.

you can use the 4.10s from the YJs, Comanches, and 96 and prior XJ Chers and Wagoneers most 4 cyls from 87 up are 4.10.These ones I have listed are D30 frt high pinion, factory high pinion stuff is reverse cut gears because they were designed for frt diffs

The YJ diff assy is not a bolt in for cher the housings are different the yj is leaf sprung so none of the mounts for the coils and control arms are there the gears and carrier will work

01-10-2007, 07:38 PM
Thank you! Thank you! that is exactly what I needed.

So, to confirm - if I have a 4.10 carrier with the gears on it, but no spiders - I CAN take the spiders out of my 3.55 and put them in the 4.10 carrier?

That will be great because that is exactly my situation!

Thanks Nutbar

01-10-2007, 07:41 PM
The spiders are the same.