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12-17-2006, 10:36 PM
well here goes.i have an 88 pathfinder 3.0L auto and here is my problem.All of a sudden the other day i was driving and the truck starts runnin horrible .at idle cold it doesn't miss a beat,but once i get going it starts to stumble and chuggs .doing 60 or so, idling along,it stumbles as well until i get pissed off and floor it then it has power .between 900 to 3400 rpmish is when i notice this mostly.there doesn't seem to be any problem when parked when i lightly accelerate but if i rapidly hit the gas it stumbles.i have noticed a fuel smell and even worse mileage.now i have two codes,1: being 33 which is a egr system fault.my egr holds vacuum and moves freely up and down but when i run the truck and lift up on the diaphram nothing happens no rough run at all,which leads me to believe that the passage is clogged from manifold to egr.the only thing is that in my experience a clogged passage shouldnt cause my drivability problem.2: a code 11 has just turned up today as well.being a crank angle circuit problem.the crank sensor feeds the ecm and sets the parameters for fuel injectors,timing,idle speed,fuel pump and EGR FUNCTION.so this leads me to believe that i have a bad crank sensor.but i am not 100% on this and a crank sensor is about 150 unrefundable dollars.i could pull the egr and tube off but that would be a real pain to get at.so if anyone has had a similar problem or really any info that would be a big help.i am usually used to being the one to diagnose everyone elses problems but my own truck has me STUMPED.thanks in advance .Kevin

12-17-2006, 11:26 PM
I would have put my money on the EGR being clogged...my 2 cents

12-19-2006, 09:10 PM
problem solved ,i guess those were history codes.put some new wires on and she is good to go!!!sometimes i just look too far into things.