View Full Version : Ball Joint dust boots?

11-11-2006, 05:12 PM
I tore mine... Yeah, I'm stupid.

Lordco couldn't find them in their catalouge. The guy told me he doesn't think that you can buy them. I was like "WTF?".

So, anybody know where you can get 'em?

For a D44.

11-11-2006, 05:43 PM
lordco is stupid...but your talking about the little rubber shaped piece that just covers the ball joint from dirt... how did u manage to do that. Maybe try a driveline or alignment shop or something they might have some kicking around

11-13-2006, 11:16 AM
Lordco's not stupid, ya can't buy the boots by themselves. "Help" line of hard to find parts has a few, as well as Energy suspension, but nothing to fit a 4wd.

11-13-2006, 11:29 AM
Check with an Energy Suspension dealer..... then your tie rods will match your spring bushings.