View Full Version : Gold panning in Dawson City!

09-05-2006, 10:43 PM
So I just got back to civilization again(Whitehorse). Went to Hanes Junction and followed old roads into Kluane National park, some 30 kilo's on very muddy roads; looking for bears. Got some good stuck pics! Went to Hanes, Alaska for a day. We had beef and fruit with us and had to find an old road to stash our food(and my [stoned] ) in the bush!!! Damned bears better not steal THAT! Take the food,but......!! All was safe apon our return, prompting a rest stop ASAP!! Hiked up to Kings Throne; Warn needs to make a 225lb wench(!!) to drag my sarsy arss up the mountain. Of all my hikes, this is the steepest trail I have ever done; you don't want to slip cuz she's all downhill from there! Saw some Grizzly bear up there eating berries, some sheep and a million ground squirels. Ran into a few guys from the Klondike mud bogs here, they all run Toyodis with 350's and bald boggers(brake stands on the main street, behind the cops and the fire department in Dawson City). Got some good pics of buddy smokin up downtown. Too easy to get them to spin em for the camera; great attitude!! There were actually 5 trucks smokin em during the parade! Going to drive the Dempster Highway to Eagle Plains(650 kilo's of mud road that goes to Inuvik) where the wife takes a whirley bird into her bear viewing area for a week or so. This is when I'm going back to Dawson to do some gold panning. Got the o.k. to work a small area of this fellows claim; if I can fight the bears for some of Bonanza Creek(the Klondike gold rush yield)!!Bought some cool cars from Walmart(Jesse James; Johnny Lighting for yu big kids out there!!). Beer time kids; take care and will see ya all (at church?) around the end of Sept. Will download pics then(300+).[cheers]