View Full Version : want cheap $ quality shocks that have 13" of travel for the Bronco?

m j
07-31-2006, 10:59 PM
Monroe #34687- 13" travel/31" extended/18" compressed
2 other numbers to try
34685- 11.75" travel
then in the super heavy duty section I found 911196-12.75" travel

front is tuffer to find, with the stock mounts the best I can find is 11.625" travel monroe #32305 in cheap shocks
in gas shocks #34658-11.5" travel
in truck gas shocks #37134-11.5" travel

I bought the #34687 for my shackle flip, nice ride.
I am probably going to put them in the front as well, need to add a stud mount in place of thestock tit thing.
I put Rancho 5017s in the front for twice the money and they are not half the shock.
anyone want 1 day old 5017 Ranchos for a Ford, sell you a pair for $150obo.