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crazy j
07-30-2006, 12:34 AM
so im having a problem with the efi in the truck, havent dug too deep yet, thought one of might have some ideas.

the system is out of an '85 celica in my '80 pickup on a late style block/head. i installed it myself a couple years ago and this is the first problem so far. all the wiring was soldered and shrink tubed where i had to modify it. the computer in inside the cab on top of the glovebox.
heres how it goes,
a month or so ago i drive the truck for the first time after sitting for a week or so. starts fine, but when it got to operating temp, it wont idle. stalls as if you turned off the key. bump it up with the thumb throttle and it runs fine at a high idle. trace it down to a bad tps. unplugged it until i got a relacement, and it ran normally. instlled another tps. it is a used toyota one but operates correctly after testing it with a multimeter. now with the new one, the problem is same as before, wont ilde with it plugged in, but runs fine unplugged. its been like this for a month with it unplugged (been busy) with no change in performance or fuel economy. its the 4 wire unit. i think i should try another one before i rip more stuff apart.[27]

crazy j
07-30-2006, 12:56 AM
did i mention that the lower screw on the tps is a major pain in the ass??
having to pull the throttle body to get a screwdriver on it?? like wtf??

08-02-2006, 10:37 AM
LOL just leave the bottom screw off.

question for you... with the idle adjustment, have you tried to idle up your truck so it wont stall? I only ask cuz there is a cat's eye sorta valve that bypasses are by the throttle plate. This valve is temperature operated. When cold the valve is open (high idle) hot its closed (normal idle). It is aux heated with 12v, and on the older style 22re it is a module just below the throttle body. So if it was sticking open slightly, your idle could have been adjusted to normal, and now if it is closing properlly it could be stalling.

Also those tps's are known for getting gummy and thereby not contacting on the idle contacts. Remove it from the throttle body, and turn as it would in operation. If its slowly returns to its home position that is bad. Giver a shot of WD40 and work it a bit. It will quickly free up and crisply snap home.

Any error codes?

Check your water temp sensor.

Lemmie know what you find out.