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07-07-2006, 05:09 PM
Im sorry for what i did and how riled up i got everybody and if i caused conflicts amongst people in this website for the stupid thing i did, im sorry. My account was banned so ive made this one just so i can say sorry to anyone who i endangered as well as anyone ive ticked off, or offended and disrespected in any way.. My licence and ticket were called void when i got to the police station and talked to the cop who pulled me over to only let me know the hole night he was flagging people down with a faulty gun. He said i was still speeding but no where near 180 which i knew i wasnt going like it tryed to explain. Whatever wwhatever i wont start excuses, i sped, i payed for it and im sorry. ive learned my lesson and i hope i can gain some respect from those of whom ive lost it with.. havent been a part of this family for long but i think i need a good ass kicking by either Heavy Metal cause im sure he has better parenting skills then my slacker parents and a good beating for me would be in order..

sorry sorry sorry, i know its not enoff but i hope i can atleast still linger as a big newb amongst the big boys..

Thanks for listening.. and i promise no more dumb posts, no more dumb things....[16]

mista fitz
07-07-2006, 05:17 PM
sounds good to me.

I sped when I first got my license, I also got my first fat ticket.. and I only admit now that it was stupid. Funny how perception changes with age.

07-07-2006, 05:18 PM
Way to swallow your pride...
Welcome back

07-07-2006, 05:19 PM
im not trying to be mean but please dont post, i dont want it to turn into the last one, i just want them all to see how sorry i am..

07-07-2006, 05:20 PM
huge step in the right direction

Hello Kitty
07-07-2006, 05:22 PM
im not trying to be mean but please dont post, i dont want it to turn into the last one, i just want them all to see how sorry i am..

ask admin to make this a sticky then.

07-07-2006, 05:28 PM
plz sticky this admin so everybody can realize my mistake and hopefully learn from it, and so people can directly get my appologie

07-07-2006, 05:32 PM
i dont know what your origional post was but i know that this one took some guts to post. Good on ya for doin it [cheers]

07-07-2006, 05:44 PM
to bad hes gone

07-07-2006, 05:55 PM
who is?

07-07-2006, 06:01 PM
canadianpsycho is james redman, i'd have to say that takes guts to appologize after all that, good on ya

07-07-2006, 06:27 PM
good on ya buddy, just make sure you learn your lesson and not end up dead because you didnt learn! i've definitely had my fair share of tickets but ive learned my lesson now and havenet had a ticket in 2 years..... knock on wood! hope to see ya wheeling sometime

07-07-2006, 06:31 PM
good job man, im gonna start a thread for all the tickets i recieve one day haha

07-07-2006, 06:49 PM
Respect, much like trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.
Good on you for stepping up here. I suspect you still have a long road ahead with your parents. Just saying "sorry" doesn't set everything back to the way it was before. Your actions from here on out will be what determines how much respect and trust you earn.

07-07-2006, 06:58 PM
Good on YA MAn !

Takes a man to know when hes made a mistake !

07-07-2006, 07:03 PM
Good on YA MAn !

Takes a man to know when hes made a mistake !

and a bigger man to step up and apologise

07-07-2006, 07:13 PM
well i appreciate it, im just worried about Heavy... he seemed pretty choked.. i wanted to appologize to him personally..and to those i called a-holes im sorry too.. i just already felt like a bag of poo then when my favourite hobby and family gets mad i got upset.. sorry

07-07-2006, 07:22 PM
that took a lot of balls james
i do hope to see you out on the trails again

07-07-2006, 07:26 PM
jeep is back in the driveway and work begins tonight

07-07-2006, 08:26 PM
Good to see !

Ive seen many over the years say things they shouldnt have /didnt mean/in anger/outa frustration etc and be so stubborn they dont take a step back and go ---Shoot -I said stuff i shouldnt have --but then they are to proud to admit that !

Good to see the apology and hope to meet you sometime !


07-08-2006, 10:15 AM
the only thing worse than getting killed doing something stupid in a automobile, Is ending up in a wheelchair due to someone elses stupidity. Ask my wife, been in a chair since she was 16 because her friend was speeding. Always remember there are other people around you, and it may not be your life thats ruined. I hope no one else i know has to learn the hard way.
Good job steppin up and being a man about it.

07-08-2006, 10:23 AM
Good job for stepping up. Part of growing up and being a man. Me, I must have missed something, I don't see why everybody is so pissed?? You messed up, ya so, so have all of us when we were young. I didn't get my license till I was 17 cause I was stoopid head. Just be glad nobody got hurt, it only takes a second. it sounds as though maybe next time you'll at least think about it first. Again, good for you for stepping up, not sure I would have been as brave when I was your age.

Always broke
07-08-2006, 10:33 AM
Good on Ya for stepping up and eating a little crow we all have done stupid thing out of frustration especially when we were young (EVEN HEAVY) it's a good step and the right thing to do:D

07-08-2006, 10:33 AM
wanna race?

07-08-2006, 10:47 AM
account restored. only suspended because you asked it be... Welcome back!

07-08-2006, 11:18 AM
thank u sir

07-08-2006, 11:18 AM
your welcome

07-08-2006, 11:20 AM
now grow the fuck up .....

[f] ... :D ... [22] .... ill still give ya 200 for it .... [wako]

07-08-2006, 11:37 AM
haha, im gonna attempt to paint it in about 15 mins to try and "hide" the dent ion the door haha

07-08-2006, 11:40 AM
just remove the inner panel and kick it out...

07-08-2006, 11:42 AM
we tried.. the dent on the door is on a seam so u cant just "push" it back out... we trilled a hole in the core of the door and used a metal punch to try and it didnt even budge.. haha, damn jeep

07-08-2006, 11:43 AM
on the drive side door u can see.. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j256/CanadianPsychoXJ/5.jpg

mista fitz
07-08-2006, 11:53 AM
Looks like you could punch from the inside, or pull that dent, but even easier - if you really care - go down to Gary's autowrecking and grab a door skin, won't cost too much... guaranteed you'll dent it again though, perhaps some rock-sliders are in order? (not that it would have helped much in this case, but in the future) I dented the door on my old 2dr cherokee a whole bunch o' times.

07-08-2006, 11:53 AM
well time to go make a foolish attempt at a tree design.. haha

07-08-2006, 11:53 AM
keep this thread clean.. lol

07-08-2006, 03:16 PM
The Dents are a easy fix. Take off the inner door skin as Bryson said find a 2 foot length of 2x4 and a large hammer and start baning it back. works for me every time.

In The Zone
07-08-2006, 03:26 PM
yup takes balls to admit u screwed up good on ya for havin some...

07-08-2006, 03:28 PM
wanna race?
[15] [15] [15] [15]

07-08-2006, 11:02 PM
I still can't figure out why he's appologizing to US!!!!! P.S. We are a bunch of assholes!!!! You guys are too frikin funny sometimes!![f] [49] [15]

07-08-2006, 11:10 PM
Why the hell bother fixing that dent? Take it as a sign of pride. You didn't seriously think that wouldn't happen if you took it anywhere off the road did you???

07-09-2006, 08:52 AM
I must admit; the dent is growing on me, it actually kinda looks good. Ah what the hell am I saying; I don't have a straight panel ANYWHERE on my truck! I like ugly!![41]

07-10-2006, 08:59 PM
Why the hell bother fixing that dent? Take it as a sign of pride. You didn't seriously think that wouldn't happen if you took it anywhere off the road did you???

Fuckin eh, why fix cosmetic crap.. gonna get dented again, unless you want a parking lot princess.. and good on ya for growing a spine..