View Full Version : Front suspension? Hmm.

06-15-2006, 05:35 PM
Well, I guess I have a little perdicerment now. Or I jsut think too much [32]

My current setup is actually a Rusty's LA (radius arm) kit, but I'm only really using the arms. They are alright, although I will admit I don't like the construction/design of them. Actually, I think they're plain stupid. They use a threaded joint at the body side without a jam nut. The threads are kept greased (hopefully) by a boot. They used this to make up for the pathetic flex that the stock style rubber LCA bushings give. The axle end bushings are also stock style, and the UCA ones blew up after about a half hour... (In fairness, they were probably as old as the truck)



Anyway, since I'm building a new front axle anyways, I have the oppertunity to do away with all this crap. But, it's a little bit of time/cost vs reward situation.

Now, the questions.

Should I run a radius arm setup if I'm going to be redoing this crap? Or should I be looking at trying to do a three-link with panhard?

If I was to run a radius arm setup, would it be acceptable to run one with only one UCA (say on the passenger side) to control caster? I've heard of doing this before, as it'll prevent binding and from putting so much stress on the housing. Obviously my material selection will have to compensate for the relative strength difference between running two UCAs. More on that.

Lastly is my material selection. Obviously if you're a do-gooder you'd order up some DOM. However, I couldn't be bothered. If I was to run a radius arm like setup, I would bend the links slightly for clearance. This leads me to feel I'd like to use pipe. Besides, it's cheap. 1.5" sch80 would probably do fine, eh? Any chance I can thread the end of it for a joint easily?

Oh, one more thing. How the f' do you calculate antisquat/dive, roll centre, etc with a 3-link? Is it essentially the same as a 4-link? (If so, I know how to decently)

(If none of this makes any sense, sorry)