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project for mechanics, anything i missed?

How to lift a ford f250

First of all we are starting out with a 1980-1996 ford f250

The F series trucks, with the exception of the f350 have independent suspension called ttb which stands for twin traction beam.
The f250 has a leaf sprung front end which limits suspension flex as you can see in this picture(replace the coils with leafs) it twists the leaf springs and is horrible on spring bushings.
This is why in this report I will show you how to properly solid axle swap and lift this vehicle.

This is why the F 350 is so desirable; it comes with a high pinion ball joint Dana 60 front axle. This axle is extremely strong and many people swap them into there vehicles.

This swap can be done in a weekend if you have all of the required parts. The parts needed for this swap are as follows;
*Dana 60 front axle from a 85.5-96 f350.preferably rebuilt, but with same ratio as rear axle;
(note: a dana 60 from a 77.5-79 f2/350 will work as well but it will be a kingpin axle)

High steer arms, made by ott, allow the steering to be above the leaf springs for more clearance and protection they mount to the steering knuckles


*lift springs, super lift 6 inch lift front springs.6 inch rear springs;

*sky manufacturing shackle reversal kit.

*new u bolts;

The Dana 60 front axle has the same spring width as the ttb front on the f 250 so with the required u bolts, and sway bar it will bolt into place. The dana 60 is high pinion (reverse rotation) which means that the pinion gear has more contact with the ring gear where it is situated in the differential housing. This is a stronger design and allows for better driveshaft angle, as well as more clearance.

Solid axle swap and front lift procedure;
1st; unbolt the ttb at the u bolts, and at the mount brackets.
2nd; remove the ttb, unbolt brake lines from calipers, remove sway bar remove ttb brackets from crossmember.
3rd; unbolt stock reverse arc leaf springs
4th; put in shackle reversal kit, then bolt in new lift springs. Resulting in about 9 inch lift front,.
5th; jack up axle and bolt to leaf springs with u bolts
6th; attach driveshaft .brake lines, and differential breather (lengthened)
7th; attach new tires, usually 37-40

Rear lift procedure;
1st; remove u bolts, support axle with axle stands while separate axle stands support the frame.
2nd; remove leaf springs.
3rd; lower axle down or raise rear of vehicle. And bolt new leaf springs in place.
4th; use u bolts to bolt axle in place. And angled shims to correct pinion angle.
5th; attach tires, same as front.
Head down to the shop and get an alignment and your ready to wheel it!

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i have to hand it in tommorow so ttt?

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how you gonna steer it.

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haha your right larry, ill do that right now

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Gavin, you dont need steering.... you run into trees and other stuff anyways [f] [15] [15] [15] [15]

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I dont get it?

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my teacher asked for a report on how i would properly lift my truck, what i would use etc.

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you dont need steering man, thats what ruts are for :D

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those tires are on backwards on the one side?[f]

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those tires are on backwards on the one side?[f]

thats how you steer, just put half the tires on backwards

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05-12-2006, 09:25 AM
my teacher asked for a report on how i would properly lift my truck, what i would use etc.

oh ok

good luck

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Looks good gavin.

Probably too late now, but I would have added more detail to the install instructions since the rest of your report is a lot more detailed. You shoulda put in the title that it was schoolwork related and wanted feed back, cause I would have read it yesterday instead...and I'm sure others would have too.

either way its a cool report. Wish i could have written about something like that for auto class instead of some shitty alternative fuels topic...:rolleyes:

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#1 why a ball joint insted of king pin axle the king pin ones are stronger
#2 toy high steer on a 60?

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yeah aaron he said he was more concerned about the components and what role they wouuld play, and stink finger i just decided to put ball joint, and i wrote kingpin can be used as well. and yes... the high styeer arms are toy arms, but i just needed a pic of some arms