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04-29-2006, 03:58 PM
1975 Ford F500 5 speed split axel - 14 ft pressure treated tongue'n'groove wooden deck with removable metal frame stock rack - 330 motor V8 fully rebuilt a few years ago.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a 1978 Ford F250 4 speed 400 cu motor rebuilt a few years ago as well approx 125,000 original miles on it.

Any idea what these guys might be worth? The F500 would make a sweet ass mudder with a little work and some 48" s :D

Stupid lottery people not selling me the winning ticket ever. [27]

Ok, i'm trying to upload the pics I just took, and because i'm on dial-up, it's not working too gooder. SOoooooo.... I'll upload the pics later on when I've got my own computer hooked up tonight.

Stay tuned....

04-29-2006, 04:16 PM
nice finds man, might be interested in that 400...

04-29-2006, 07:06 PM
Is the deck on the f500 big enough & strong enough to haul a truck on?

any idea on price?

post up some pics


04-29-2006, 07:10 PM
Didnt even know they had the f500 back then.That is cool.

04-29-2006, 09:05 PM
Is the deck on the f500 big enough & strong enough to haul a truck on?

any idea on price?

post up some pics


Yeah - can't remember gvw on the 500, but it's for hauling cattle and hay - would definitely be strong enough for a truck

pics tomorrow

sj-x 500
04-29-2006, 09:15 PM
split axle... you mean ttb? or 2 speed rear?

does it have a t-case or a front driving axle?

04-29-2006, 09:24 PM
larry you're asking the wrong person dude. on the first one, i believe it's a 2 speed rear but don't quote me. on the second one, your guess is as good as mine. best way to find out is prolly check what was stock on that model in 1975 and go from there... sorry i don't have more info - it's my stepdad's truck, and he's a rancher - knows enough to get them fixed when they need it so they've been mechanically well taken care of... he used it the last time not too long ago i think - maybe a year or two ago. had it from new i think. will post pics tomorrow

04-29-2006, 09:28 PM
is the f 500 a 4x4 model?

05-01-2006, 01:49 PM
I quit

fuckin pictures in messenger won't save to my computer and i've been screwin around with them for 30 m,iins now. [27]

fuck it.

if you're interested in seeing the pics lemme know and i'll email them to you. i was just hoping to give my stepdad an idea of what they'd be worth.

thanks guys :)

05-01-2006, 01:49 PM
hey Kyle I think it is dude

05-01-2006, 02:06 PM
E-mail them to me and I'll post them up...


sj-x 500
05-01-2006, 02:07 PM
see, the problem is that with f500's you can have a bunch of options, including air brakes back in teh early 80's for sure. they are one step belown the lousiville 9000 and 5000 models, which are commercial transport highway, and dump trucks.

i know that doppelmeyer has a f500 with a pto winch, 4 wheel drive and low range. that's why i asked :D

i have seen a few 5 tons with 2 speed rears, which are a motherfucker to drive, but cool none the less

05-01-2006, 06:04 PM
Thanks Todd [d] will do

stupid resizing bullshit

hey Larry - what's a 'doppelmeyer'

the 500 looks like it'd be a bastard to drive, but is it ever cool. i love the body style. plus it's huge, and all y'all know that size really does matter


05-03-2006, 05:59 PM
These are the pics Mack sent me.















In The Zone
05-03-2006, 06:53 PM
i like the 78 old steel is sweet steel

05-03-2006, 08:34 PM
Thanks for posting those Todd [d] so guys, any idea what these might be worth?

05-03-2006, 09:20 PM
I just want to see you drivin them in a daisy duke outfit !!!!!!!!

05-03-2006, 10:10 PM
[stupid] hey I can imagine it now

05-03-2006, 10:22 PM

if i had the money, i would have both of them. :D They're both in great running condition but my fave is the 500 though... damn. [36]

Bruce you wanted me in daisy dukes? pfffft. You'd better get some tips on creative visualization from Boyzen.

;) [d]

05-03-2006, 10:23 PM
both 2wd trucks by the look of things

05-03-2006, 10:57 PM
hmm thoes would be sweet to see fixed up and restored.

05-03-2006, 11:34 PM
the green one looks like my old ford i owned YEARS ago - very cool Mack

05-07-2006, 11:25 PM
I've always wanted to bolt a medium duty front clip, to my Bronco, and add on some dually fenders in back, and have it all backed up with a built big block, and 48" terra tires. I can't imagine what kind of single digit mileage can be had from it, but I'd have liked to own one

11-21-2006, 04:23 PM
Haha, I towed this F500 last week from where these pics were taken.

I guess this means that I know where Mack's stepdad lives.:D

It is in reasonable shape for what it is.

Anyone heard from Mack lately?

11-21-2006, 04:33 PM
I was wonderin the same for a whle now

11-21-2006, 05:04 PM
stopped by and visited her back in august when I was up there. She was taking some natural health/healing type courses and back living at the lake (can't remember the name) by Taz & t-girl. haven't heard from her since though...

11-21-2006, 08:22 PM
Gotta love the old threads [36] [36] [36] [36]