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02-13-2006, 06:28 PM
went to the dykes on sunday to chek it out there.. had some good holes N pleanty of mud... even sawa newr check on 44 tsls completly barry himself..
id bet anyone a case O beer they wont make it threw...
mayb for church next week try goin there...[cheers]

02-13-2006, 06:51 PM
I know where you are talkin about,the water must be low?

02-13-2006, 08:00 PM
its not too bad.. the spot i mean.. is right below the bailey bridge on abby side..// theres also a nice pit under the "freewaybridge".. when waters low..

02-13-2006, 08:18 PM
Whats it like for harrasment there? Or can you go and have some fun without getting chased off?

02-13-2006, 08:21 PM
i'll harras ya anywaherez Bruce...

02-13-2006, 08:30 PM
never been chased off but it wont replace church.Thr free way overpass mud is new i dont know how deep it is ive never stopped and the bailey bridege is alright but if you want gooey deep mud go to the point by the freeway where the 2 rivers meet and make sure you have a back up plan.If the water is up you wont know wht i am talkin about but when it is down it gets gooey.

02-13-2006, 11:34 PM
Whats it like for harrasment there? Or can you go and have some fun without getting chased off?
its fine therre.. never hada problem.. same as stave sorta, has quadrs n dirtbikes rippn around ..
the gooey section, we had 6 diff trucks stuck out there all from one guy tryn to get the next guy...and the water was rising too.. was a good day..[cheers]

Always broke
02-14-2006, 07:25 PM
Sounds like it would be a nice hole to play in[36] [36] [36]

02-15-2006, 06:06 PM
yah that is some gooy good stuff[36] [36]

02-15-2006, 06:24 PM
It's a fun hole, and no harrassment, unless you count the asshole disgruntled tree huggin fisherman, guess our 4x's scaring the fish. Never been a confrontation, cept what they write about, they have "internet balls"

[!] them, it's a fun hole!! Next time they get their asses stuck, gonna sit and watch em...[15] [15] [15]