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Explorer guy418
02-03-2006, 10:38 PM
hey ya'll i got a 87 yj with a 4'' suspension, and was woundering has anyone took out the rear trac bar ? if so does it gain flex? and how does it do on the road/highway

02-03-2006, 10:40 PM
take it out the body rolls a bit more on the street, but susp. flexes way better off road

Explorer guy418
02-03-2006, 10:41 PM
will i kill myself if i add a 3'' body lift, because if i get better flex i wanna make room for these 33's

02-03-2006, 10:47 PM
i havent and i drive a wee bit fast sometimes

Explorer guy418
02-03-2006, 10:49 PM
but do u have 7''s on a jeep.

02-03-2006, 10:52 PM
i gots a 2" body and 3 " susp, soon to be a lot more.

02-03-2006, 10:55 PM
I sure hope your talking sway bar???

most likely yes and it will help flex and no you wont miss it much[cheers]

Explorer guy418
02-03-2006, 11:09 PM
i heard it was called a trac bar...

02-03-2006, 11:55 PM
there is a sway bar in the front and a trac bar on both axles

Mr Vic
02-04-2006, 01:55 PM
yea sway bar in front, trac bar on both axles. i drive my jeep with only the front trac bar hooked up, didn't notice much difference in on road manners when i removed the rear trac bar. sway bar been disconected for a long time. i get some body roll but not too much, then again my under geard 4 banger doesn't have much power to drive fast. my lift is 3" leafs and 1" shackles and 2" body

02-04-2006, 05:10 PM
The yjs are the same suspension set up as the cjs and the cjs never came with trac bars and only the later ones had sway bars.
The first thing I would tell u to do is get out the torch cut em up into itty bitty pieces and throw em away I do it on all yjs that I lift for people.