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06-11-2005, 06:57 PM
No dammit I don't have any. I wasn't lucky enough to be there today or at any other event, just plain bad timing on my weekends, time with my girl when I have her is more important. That being said POST SOME PICS ALREADY SO AT LEAST I CAN LIVE THROUGH YOU GUYS. Hope it was fun.

06-11-2005, 11:26 PM
hahaha you were not there, Just got back it was a great time, going to be lots of pics, not from me tho camera died on me friday night. Going to be lots of carnage but it was a fucken great time. Thanks to everyone to put it on!!!! a big cheers for sure.

Shit what a looser I am!!! First thing I do when I get home I get on the computer, oh wait I'm shit faced it's130am and theres nothing do do, hopefully thats understandable/.


06-12-2005, 08:42 AM
I just wanna say thanks to the guys who organized the poker run. Saturday was awesome. [5]
And thanks to the guys that helped me limp out of six feet under. GOT LOG? lol I can't wait to see pic's from the run!!!
Hey Dean I need a copy of Campin Tunes 3
Thanks again for making a newbie feel at home.



Did you hear a snap????

06-12-2005, 09:37 AM


06-12-2005, 10:09 AM
I would also like to say thanks to those who put the event together!! I had a greatr time, but I would like to also say thanks to the many people who tried to help out with my many problems on the day, toddler, buckle, pete, leadfoot, oh man , so many people, Z, etc...and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone, I went through overheating three times, an electrical overheat/short (three times), my battery falling out, my fender bolts falling out, no 4 low (pops out), and a few other issues I'll have to look at before I take it out again, but for a first trip out (other than stave), I had an awesome time. This assorted issues (downtime) added about 4 hours to the trip home, lol. Well I got some pictures I'll get to later.
Chow for now!![36][cheers]

ps, Toddler, 5 mins after you left (Mission) I fired it up and made it home, Z that would about 2 mins after you left.

pss, Pete, thanks for the tow down the hill!! You rock, but that was the scarriest 10 min ride in my life!!!lol

Buckle the antifreeze helped out alot!!

And last but not least ....Tom (STranger) rocks!! the diff worked great!!![38][38]



06-12-2005, 10:56 AM
quote:Originally posted by buckle

wow...what a day.

O and by the way...i was late for work and i couldnt give 2 shits[30]

Atta boy, you'll fit in just fine here Dave! Way to jump in with two feet and offer to help with everything!

Take it easy and see you on the trails again soon!

(All other newbies should take note, coming out and helping out definitely get you much respect!)

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06-12-2005, 11:07 AM
Good to see everyone again. I had a good time last night. Left at 5AM and was in Chwk by 6:30. Bruce you were right-on: exactly 40 minutes to the Sasquatch from there (I didnt drive Kevin speed like on the way in).
Mind you, on the way in there was this shiny black 4X4 that kept putting on wheeling clinics for me! Wheres my camera when I need it most?

Catch you all later.

Even if I don't have anything polite, intelligent, or even remotely on-topic to contribute, I try to post anyways.

06-12-2005, 11:18 AM
wow...what a day. I had an amazing time let me tell you.....

I met soooooo many great people it is not even funny. I enjoyed my self soo much even though i didnt get to play poker or 4x4 too much because of work and a little carnage[j] i met close to everyone except kevin..haha..funny how that worked out...

Heavy...you are the man....this guy introduced me to everyone..i love him to death and weve chilled once...and i was sober.....hope to see you soon..[36] (good to hear your getting an axle the size of your penis)[c]

BigB...thanks for everything..you explained alot to me, and i hope the plans for my truck work out great..really looking forward to it...your also the man...

Princess and Beerbaroness...you girls are something else[39]haha..nice to meet you...your great and nice to have around i can tell allready..see you soon

Godzuka....Wade...Kris...v6 toy...loud guy...NickB...man...ill stop myself now before i take up half the page...Everyone there is amazing...im really looking forward to 4x4ing all the time with you guys...too much to say about how great the group is...

Rob and party, thanks for organizing a great outing..your time and effort is appreiciated!

To eveyone i missed..party on[36][36]

Im counting down to 200 posts[L]

See yea all soon[chugging][chugging][chugging]

O and by the way...i was late for work and i couldnt give 2 shits[30]

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06-12-2005, 11:24 AM
quote:Originally posted by buckle


Glad you liked me but I wasn't there[31]

***Smack This :assshake:***

06-12-2005, 11:26 AM
We had a night out together.

We missed the"official" run but figured, What the hell, let's spend some time with the "guys" anyways.

We took off up norrish after Phansie got off work. Everything was great, we ran into chilliwack on the way up.The we got tothe first washout, I figured I'd let Phans drive and I got out to spot her. The first little piece was good... little more throttle and "doink" she was there. She thought that was cool. Then came the climb out. I'm glad Chilli didn't have a camera. I was guiding her up and the 'dango didn't want to climb. put one side in the ditch and the other on theroad. I said "Give 'er a little" I guess Phansie heard "Give 'er till you run my fat ass over!!" She finally decides " oh maybe I shouldn't kill the father of my children" and stops.. wheels cranked towards the road... and the twoo on the road lift off..... I'm thinking..."SHIT!!!!!!" It settled back down..... My heart slows down... I back her up... give 'er a "better" line and "DOINK" out she pops. Phansie gets out just hooting and hollering. First time "gettin ugly" for her. way to go babe[d]

Thanks Chilli for watching the other end of the dango. Of course Chilli walks through like it's dry pavement.

We get to the next washout and I get out to spot again. I get her all lined up and I keep telling her to "GIVE 'ER" but the dango didn't want to go. Finally I got in, told her to line Me up....and walked over that washout like a rockcrawler on a winch cable.... The blood is flowing now. I go over the logs and there's stinkfinger and crew heading out on a rescue mission.... he yells... "WOAH" just in time for the Dango to drop over a small shelf... "DOINK" smoke My head on the roof. Walked her down and checked out our first carnage... we popped our running board up. I popped it back.... looks good.

Smooth sailing after that .. couple of cross ditches, and then the top. Nice fire, good people and great eats...

I love this group!! (Don't get any Ideas DEAN!!)

The drive out was a breeze... we took the other route out with Chunks, Kris, Redline and a toyota Pickup I didn't know (I probably should). STranger told me "That way will add at least an hour to your time"... Tom.. We were home in 45 minutes from the time we left you. Fucker.. you wanted me to go back out the other way didn't you?!?[21]

Bad STranger:D

Glad we went up... met MORE people including Denali Guy ( I see a namechange here) And hey wade.... How was the rest of your Spongebob movie??:D:D

Thanks all

06-12-2005, 11:28 AM
hey ratbastard glad to see you made it home hope u didnt have to stop to many times but im sure it was all good.

And ya i would also like to thank everyone that came out to the poker run all and all had an awesome met some great people had some wicked food and got to do at least onr trail and complete it with out breaking but hey thats why i was there right but anyways wrong room for this so im out

thanks to fibc for everything you guys rock [36][36][36][cheers][cheers]

06-12-2005, 11:32 AM
well then thats a little embarassing..i swore i was introduced to you.guess not[16] haha

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06-12-2005, 12:25 PM
I kept looking for the elusive Buckle as well -----Never met you ! Hope to next trip out !

Nothing is fool-proof to a talented fool

06-12-2005, 12:32 PM
i left early cause i had to work..but harrison on the july long weekend ill be there the entire time...talk to you soon

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Soon to Come:
6 inch Lift and 35's
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