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06-05-2005, 08:17 AM

Even though I came home late last night I had enough fun to last a week!!!!

Spanky, Beerbaroness, and Princess headed up Thursday night so by the time we all got there on Friday they had already gotten the campsite AND built a SAUNA!!!!!!!!

We left the Mission Chevron around 11am (after a quick trip to the liquor store to stock up) and apparently made really good time!!! Only took us 2 hours to make it there, Tasha and I were leading in the Durango. Followed by Rhapsody(in another Durango), Mudgirl and Stavemudder in The Bronco with her quad on a trailer, CNC and her friend Cheryl and Sadie puppy in her Blazer, Fungirl and Fishergirl in the Ford and Shera bringing up the rear in the Dodge diesel. Rider showed up later in the day.

Set up camp and cracked open the booze.....then the invasion started.
First 2 boys then 4 more later that night camoed down the beach from us. We were laughing about how much trouble they were going to in once we were all pissed up. I suggested we steal their boat after we duct taped them into their tent. We were all for it until more guys showed up and then we figured we might be outnumbered.

We had a huge fire(thanx to Mudgirl!!!!) awesome food(thanx to all who shopped and cooked!!!) and awesome times!!!!!!! Thanx to all the ladies!!!!!

I don't have the pics...they are going to be posted later today. And there will be more commentary and, I do believe, BBBII quotes of the weekend!!!!!

English chicks can drink Canadian guys under the table!!!

06-05-2005, 08:35 AM
I had to come back a bit early too. Still had a totally awsome time, short and sweet as it was. I left early to do a lil scouting [22] what can I say. Giant blacktails :D .. we all have our weak spots.

I'll post my pics of the trip later tonite over a nice glass of wine[8D]

06-05-2005, 08:56 AM
So, where are the pics?? Come on, let us Interior gals drool and see what we missed![:p]


06-05-2005, 08:57 AM
Cameras are still up there....pics coming later today!!

English chicks can drink Canadian guys under the table!!!

06-05-2005, 09:26 AM
awesome girls.too bad it rained on sunday/today.can't wait too see pics.


06-05-2005, 02:15 PM
Was a great time. [36][36][36] Wish I had pics to post, but apparently film doesn't upload very well.... you'll just have to wait.

LADIES...... Thanks for everything :D

06-05-2005, 05:33 PM
Had a blast everyone and can't wait until next time , meet some new people and Stave mudder we showed afew of the young ones that walking is good for you[36] and it real isn't that far or hard to do , but the next day some didn't want to walk with us, and Thanks Rider for the bear pooh tip , because we knew after that , the bear had just been ahead of us by a few minutes

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06-05-2005, 05:40 PM
Sorry I forgot to add an Extra big thanks to Ann , Laura, natasha, and debra for doing everything to make this trip happen it was awesome , you girls rock[36]

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06-05-2005, 08:36 PM
Had a great time. Need to do it again soon. Thanks everyone for making it fun. Sadie is exausted (barely got up to get her kibble and is passed out snoring again) I am not that far behind her...I do not want to go to work tommorrow.

Need a bigger space to dry all of my stuff out....

ps truck is a GMC Yukon (close but better :)) at least it wasn't called a Jeep...right Mudgirl

06-06-2005, 04:45 AM
you mean my "full size jeep"

good times guys it was fun

06-06-2005, 05:29 AM
That's right girl ; it was good to see your full size jeep on stock 33's out on a trip:D

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06-06-2005, 05:36 AM
hey I found my ten pieces of corn, did you?[16]


06-06-2005, 07:48 AM
quote:Originally posted by spanky

hey I found my ten pieces of corn, did you?[16]


[omg] you fucken kill me Debra......[15][15][15][15][15][15][15]

06-06-2005, 07:53 AM
[f]I think I know what you're talking about... and that's just nasty[15]

English chicks can drink Canadian guys under the table!!!

On the Zone
06-06-2005, 09:37 AM
[cheers][cheers]Had a great time ladies!!![36] Was so much fun. I was sooo tired when I got home yesterday, had a shower, and faught to keep my eyes open the rest of the day/evening. Dan was so nice to cook dinner. I thank you my love.![d] (and he made my favorite too!);)

Will be posting pics soon.!!!


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06-06-2005, 09:43 AM
Was a great time , and when I got home Ken wanted to take me out to the pub for some wings and beers [because he know I enjoy that .. or maybe he was just hungry:D] but instead I had shower did a few chores[so I could goof off today] and than he went and got Wendy's for me[ love their chili] and went to bed early[poor Ken ] and slept 10 hours but can't wait to do it again[cheers]

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06-06-2005, 09:52 AM
:D Good times!![36] I can hear now!!! Would have been much easier to communicate if I hadn't of been deaf! [16] But I had a great time!! Thanks to everyone for everything especially the ladies who organized everything! I love your full size jeep too Jenny...it's hot!! [15] I didn't find my 10 Spanky, but I guess I didn't try as hard as you!![f] Must do again ladies.

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06-06-2005, 11:10 AM
Thanks to everyone that came, it was great to see all of you again and meet some new friends. I think we should do a grils night out soon so that we can get some more of the girls from this board out too!

To all that couldn't make it up, we missed you and hope you had a good weekend just the same!

Leadfoot, Nasty, Mudchick and Special K were all thought of, and we all said that they should have been there, so be forwarned... next year, you are all coming, or else!

"I wanna hump something."[15][15][15] This has to be my vote for the best quote of the weekend.

"Oh, is she a lesbian??":D a very, very close second.

"Instant lesbian, just add alcohol"

And Jenny, no quadding at night! Did you call Lordco yet? Be sure to ask for the oil filter for an 80 fullsize Jeep Bronco.... stupid strata!

What a great time girls... sorry I got sick and missed most of Saturday! But I think I made up for it Saturday night! Man it's bright out at 6 am!

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06-06-2005, 11:16 AM
I Thought Spanky made it very clear even before the trip "I'm not a lesbian"[f] but all she ever talked about was Snatch before the trip ; we love ya ;and its amasing what comes out of your mouth ,even with the large condom [rain coat] on you kept us laughing [c][9]

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06-06-2005, 12:32 PM
did you still have the quotes?

06-06-2005, 01:39 PM
One quote that I heard all weekend was "Safety meeting time" ; it was amasing how many Safety meetings can be had in one day [c]

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