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05-24-2005, 07:44 AM
I found this great website where they talk about lifting an XJ using Dakota rear leafs and F150 front springs.
Well, called the wrecker last week and guess what - they have em.
Paid $200 cash for 2 dakota leaf pacs and 2 full size bronco coils.

The idea is to use the whole dakota leaf pack under your XJ main spring - but you have to cut the eyes off the dakota main spring - which I did -:D

So I got the leafs in - SWEET LIFT! It was relatively painless as you don't even have to undo the XJ main leaf, and it really brought the rear up. I figure I gained 5-6" over where it was, but it was prob sagged a good 2-3" so now I'm about 3" over stock. The stock shocks are right at the end of their extension - gonna need new ones VERY soon.

According to the website, the F150 coils are actually shorter than the XJ coils when uncompressed, but they compress much less than the XJ coils. And they talk about using spacers as well. There's no where around here to buy any lift stuff off the shelf so spacers are not a cool plan.
The F150 coils are about 15.5 inches, and my Xj coils (on the rig - compressed) are 11.5". Assuming the F150 coils will compress 2" (guessing) that will lift my front about 2" which won't be enough to level the truck. When I got the coils at the wrecker they had some longer progressive rate coils right beside them. i think I might go grab those today and slap em in.

If anyone else is looking for a budget lift - those Dakota springs are the way to go.

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Chris S
05-24-2005, 03:54 PM
If you just neeed another inch grab four (two for each side) of the factory "isolators" (rubber spacers above the springs) and stack them with yours. The spring tower on Jeeps is plenty long enough that stacking the spacers is perfectly safe.


05-25-2005, 06:54 AM
I thought of using isolators, but.... seems to me that it would reduce flex, wouldn't it? by not allowing the tire to go all the way up into the fenderwell?

Anyway, i went back to the wrecker yesterday and there were a longer set of bronco coils there. Both were from a 79 bronco (different suspension options?)and the longer set is the same diameter from top to bottom and appears wound tighter, whereas the shorter set are narrower diameter at top and bottom and bigger spaces between the coils.

The compressed Jeep coils are about 11" (sagged I assume), the short F150 coils were 15.5" , and the long ones are 18" uncompressed. Considering the jeep is prob quite a bit lighter than a bronco, I should get some decent height out of them - hopefully not too much.
I'll put pics up once I get it done.

"Your balls, once swallowed, cannot be reattached.....I'm just saying"

Chris S
05-27-2005, 03:54 PM
The spacers reduce upward flex very minimally. teh end result is actually an increase in spring rate at full compression rather than a limit to the compression. This means you may not be able to fully compress the springs when posing, but in a dynamic situation on the trail you will still get full movement. The down side is this fatigues the springs faster ,but they still last for years, and there's always more at the wrecker.