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05-06-2005, 08:25 PM
i'm going to be in the cranbrook area next week. anything i should check out? maybe some hotsprings. we might head up to lussier too. or maybe st. leon. that's on the way...sorta. anyways hit me back with what you know. or if you live in the area let's go wheeling!

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05-09-2005, 06:13 PM
Used to 4x4 in the Whiteswan lake area as a kid with my folks, but that was a long time ago! I've been to Lussier hotsprings, super hot from what I remember, but also cooler pools working down to the river. Also, been to Ram hotsprings which are SW of Whiteswan lake, can't remember exactly where, and things probably have changed so much since my Dad was last there, would be useless getting directions from him!

See if you can find some locals who've been up St Mary's river/lake area, lots of roads in that area, and also a backroad, more like a highway that comes out on the Kootenay lake near the Balfour ferry.

BTW, St. Leons is no-where near Cranbrook!! And if it's on your way there, you're taking a long route! You should take Highway 3 all the way from Hope, much more scenic route, through Princeton, Hedley (mines!), Osoyoos(bikinis/beach!), Rockcreek (go to Prospector pub!), etc, etc, etc!!