View Full Version : 9" 3rd member needed to get home

05-02-2005, 08:08 AM
I posted this in the wanted section as well, but I thought I should post where more people could get a chance to read.... Broke my spider gears yesterday at Stave pulling a stuck truck and limped the truck into Mission . I need a 9" 3rd member, 3.50 gears and 31 spine..got one lying around anyone??? I tried the local wreckers,but they all want stupid amounts of $ for one and I dont have enough cash on me as I was only planning on a day trip...If you can help me out with one it would be greatly appreciated as I dont want to try and drive it as is for fear of the diff locking up on the highway and I have no way to get home to get parts/cash to get it towed.If you have one reply back or call the cell @ 778 227 9177 thanks

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