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04-07-2005, 08:24 AM
Waterproof CD Changer Mount (Jeep YJ) - 12 Disk Changer: I mounted the changer inside a 50 cal ammo can (available at surplus stores for under 10 bucks) and mounted the can to the floor behind the back seat on the left side. The lid can't be opened when the tailgate is closed due to overhang of the tailgate latch mechanism - just lock the tailgate and you automatically lock the ammo box. The can also has a rubber gasket seal to protect from moisture. Easy waterproof and theft-resistant mount!

Underhood Storage (Jeep CJ) - On my 66 CJ-5 I wanted underhood storage for misc tools (other than my tool box in the back) that would be convenient, waterproof and lockable. I went to the surplus store, spent $5 for an ammo can, welded 2 1/4"x1" plates under my heatercore and welded the ammo can to them.

Wire Protection (Jeep YJ) - Old garden hose acts as great protection for battery cables.

Flush Fit Tire Valves (Universal) - $20 at the tire store, about $6 a pair from Summit Racing. No more ripped-out valves. Installed, they're about as thick as a pair of dimes stacked on the outside surface of the wheel.

Free Articulation (Universal) - On many vehicles, you can simply disable or remove the sway bar to increase articulation for off road use.

Punches & Drivers (Tool) - Cut off shock rods also make great punches.Some shocks from big trucks have almost 3/4" shock rods by about 12" long.They are hard,and don't tend to mushroom.Heavy truck shops will give these to you.

Socket Tip for Stubborn Bolts (Tool) - When removing rusted bolts that can't be heated,put a chunk of foam soaked in brake fluid,atf,etc into the socket.A little lube goes a long way.Then use Never-Seize upon reassembly.

Prevetative Measures (Tool) - Use Never-Seize on everything,always.Even cotter pins,and cone washers.

Seal Drivers (Tool) - I save all the old bearing races that I remove to make into cheap seal and bearing drivers.

Shifter Options (Toyota) - Toyota Supra shifter knob fits on the truck/4runner shifter.

Dead Battery Revival (Universal) - A cold dead battery will sometimes start the truck if you warm up the battery.

Heater Hose Patch (Universal) - A socket works good to patch a heater hose.

Temporary Coolant Replacement (Universal) - Windshield washer fluid works fine as a temp coolant.

Hose Protection (Univarsal) - Use old rad. hoses slit down side, put over new hoses as rock/debris shields.

Plunger Body Work (Universal) - Often, a toilet plunger can be used on body panals to pull out small dents and trail scars without damaging the paint or metal an worse that it already is.

Tacoma Lock Trickery (Toyota) - Take the two wires coming out of the blue conector on the passenger side of the truck and cross them with a blue conector, or if you have an auto do the same but use a switch inbetween them to the cab.

Emergency Brake Locker (Universal) - Partially applying the emergency brake will often help regain traction by slowing the slipping wheel allowing both rear tires better traction, acting similar to a "locker".

Shackle Substitute (Jeep CJ,YJ) - If a spring shackle is broken on the trail, 2 long bolts and one of your generic bolt on tow hooks can be used in place of a shackle to get you back to camp.

Extended Brake Lines (Toyota) - On Toyota mini trucks you can use two factory rubber brake lines and put them together, giving you a flexible brake line that is twice as long as stock.

Lockout Hub Tool (Universal) - A "T" junction piece of PVC pipe with a notch cut to fit the dial of your lock out hubs makes a great tool for turning stubborn or just plain muddy hubs.

Valve Stem Protection (Universal) - Weld a 1.5" diameter by 1" tall piece of steel tube around your valve stems to prevent them from being sheared off by rocks, etc.

Temporary Seat Covers (Universal) - Stretching and taping plastic garbage bags over your bucket seats can temporarily protect them from mud and water.

Hi-Lift Maintenance (Tool) - I think that Hi-Lift recommends WD-40 as a great lubricant for the Hi-Lift Jack. Lube yours as often as possible!

Brake Line Clamp (Universal) - Vise Grips can pinch off a leaky brake line, as a temporary fix.

Spark Plug Wire Maintenance (Universal) - Dielectric grease helps waterproof spark plugs by providing a better seal between the spark plug wire boot and the spark plug. Smear some around the insulator where the boot slides over. Works well on most electrical connections. It also prevents wire breakage, by allowing the plug wire to pull off the spark plug much easier! Only costs about $3 at most auto parts stores.

Differential Fluid Fill (Universal) - Putting gear oil in diff. (front or rear)? I always remove the axle vent to clean it at the same time. So I decided, why not but the gear oil in thru that hole? Cut the top of your 1 quart "bottle", stick it in the hole and squeeze. Make sure the filler plug is out or the air has no where to go. This also lets you know when you're full.

Cheap Fluid Pump (Universal) - Hate to squeeze the gear lube into your tranny or differential? Go to Walmart and buy a hanging plant waterer. It is a quart bottle with a long hard plastic hook that extends from the top. Take a drill, put a small hole (1/16"or so)in the bottle next to the lid. Cut the "J" to more easily go into the transmisson or transfer case, be sure to clean the little plastic fuzz off carefully. Fill the bottle with your favoite gear lube. Take a foot pump or bicycle pump or old fashioned bend over and pump type, put the needle valve on it (the one you use to pump up footballs, basketballs etc.) Push the needle through the hole you drilled and in two or three pumps, the gear lube is screeming into the transmission. To do the differntials, cut the other end of the "J" to shorten the tube and repeat pumping to easily fill the diffs.

Timing Mark Tip (Universal) - In order to see the timing marks on the bottom pulley use Liquid Paper on the pulley.

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