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02-15-2005, 04:36 PM
just got a 9" and it has 31spline axels,but the gear ratio is 2.75,just wondering if it a full size or not,where do you measure from to find the overall width??i think its from a car?

02-15-2005, 04:49 PM
31 spline i belive is truck

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02-15-2005, 04:54 PM
want me to measure mine?

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02-15-2005, 04:57 PM
best I could do in the dark was 59" from inside of drim to drum. Hope it helps. see ya friday

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02-15-2005, 05:01 PM
quote:Originally posted by pegleg

31 spline i belive is truck

-------------------------rezzy,the man or the myth???????

Ya what he said. I know mine is a 31.

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02-15-2005, 05:35 PM
Mine is 31 spline as well.

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02-15-2005, 05:38 PM
if you need a third member my friend has got one with 3.50 he is sellin for $50

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02-15-2005, 07:01 PM
ya i know the cars are usually 28spline but i was thinking it was from a car because of the gear ratio being 2.75,which is pretty high for a truck,thanks for the measurement Rod

02-15-2005, 07:48 PM
31 spline in the fullsize here. 3.75 seems awfully high tho, sure not 3.75? mine was stock with 3.50

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02-15-2005, 08:08 PM
cars got tall ratios like that
31 spline is in cars as well

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03-16-2005, 10:06 PM
2.73 sounds like a car dif i had a 70 couger with 2.73 9" with 31 spline but as long asit is wide enough drum to drum its always easy to switch 3rd members[cheers]


03-16-2005, 10:35 PM
they are usually measured wms to wms. (wheel mounting surface)


03-19-2005, 04:28 PM
ya think mine is out of a truck,mabet a 2-wheel drive