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06-04-2004, 04:43 PM
So I finally decided that its time to hose all the mud off my truck from the May long weekend trip, and what do I find but some grass and weeds growing on my trailer hitch [15] There was a good sized chuck of mud left there that had grass on it, and with the rain we've been getting and parking out in the sun at work, I guess it was able to keep growing :D And that mud/clay shit sure dries hard as a rock -- there was another chunk of that stuff wedged betweent the hitch and the frame this time, and I couldn't break it apart with the hose, so I pulled it off and that shit was like a brick! [b]

It was a good thing I decide to hose it off today too, because as I got half way done and was doing the tailgate, I hosed off the license plate and noticed my insurance was due today! I thought it was sunday for some reason... oh well. It was just before 5pm so i raced down to Air care to get there before they closed -- passed with flying colors as usual. I guess I'll have to get a ride down to the insurance place tomorrow or sunday to renew it.

So 4 hours later my truck is now clean -- well sorta clean anyway -- I didn't wash it, just hosed the big crap off :)

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06-04-2004, 05:56 PM
Ya I know what u mean about the clay.... my driveway and lawn are stainedwith it as well [36]
chunks of it and when it rained it was like stepping in shit.[xx(]

I seen the growth on your rig on sunday i had to chuckle cause it has survived one hell of a trip[36]

I look forward to doing that trip again..

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