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m j
02-06-2004, 10:22 PM
I was suspecting a stuck float in the secondary side of my Holley.
turns out I was correct.
expensive way to confirm it though.
nearing the $300 mark replacing HEI components that burned and it still is abandoned on the side of the road
on the good side I degreased the top end of my 350

the factory rebuilt Holleys have junk components in them, plastic floats
the Trick kit rebuild gaskets etc are a lot nicer
going with brass floats this time around

anyone have a quick and easy way to check if I have the distributor 180 out?
I didnt have the tools required to pull a plug, or the manpower to thumb the vacant plug and bump the starter

m j
02-07-2004, 07:30 AM
I am missing something
the coil is arcing back to the power wires that feed it
at least that may show the trigger is signaling properly
grasping for bright spots on a rainy day here

02-07-2004, 08:36 AM
try lining it up with the timing mark,,,,if it does'nt run try going 180,,,,,sooner or later it will fire,you using same distributor?
need some carb work done,,,,i could help,,,i'm interested in your 650 dp,,,,,??trades??
if i was'nt busy today i would come and help
fires suck,,,,been there done that,,,,,,,had high volume electric bust a line and sprayed gas on my distributor,,,,ouch:(

02-07-2004, 08:37 AM
where are you ,,,,,stranded?

m j
02-07-2004, 03:29 PM
just walked in the door from getting it home

thank you for the offer but I am pretty handy with Holley carbs
I still wonder what the ignition source was for the fire
the fire was mostly between the carb and distributor, rather then the typical carb fire
other then the cheap plastic secondary float melting the interior of the carb was amazingly unscathed
I ?guess? the fuel overflowed out the throttle shafts into the recesses of the intake manifold on the highway
when I went to restart the engine after a quick stop it went up

turns out the new HEI parts I bought to replace what burned did not include the ground strap for the coil
bought a spare HEI distributor to add to the 'always carry spares'
will set myself up with a complete spare ignition and carb that rides in the tool box rather then the rebuild kits and parts I was relying on
that was my first fire and I am going to be better prepared in the future
for instance my small fire extinguisher is going to ride in the truck

removing flaming parts to try and avoid losing the entire truck was not a fun game
looking back at it, I would love to have a video of it for 'stupid human tricks'

I got the flaming HEI cap, wires and coil out of the vehicle before the wiring harness got too cooked
I have marine wingnut battery terminals so that got unhooked quick
I got it down to the only thing I could not extinguish was the vent tubes flaming
there is a deep depression in the SP2P Edelbrock under the sec float bowl that was full of fuel burning
until that was gone I could not keep the vent tubes from reigniting

another day in paradise
totally my fault for not addressing a problem that I strongly suspected
you cannot leave something sit for that long without something hanging up