View Full Version : Bronco Driveshaft Or Cut+Balance Mine? HELP ASAP!!

01-18-2004, 09:01 PM
what is the legnth of a bronco rear driveshaft from the center of the u joint to center of u joint? my f150 is 35" and now with the 10.25 in it, when i lower the truck down, i can not get the rear u joint in. how much of the yoke(?) are you supposed to see when the truck is just parked? mine is completely in the transfer case, but with the 8.8, a couple inches(2-3?) was sticking out.

if a bronco is too short, where would be a good place to take mine(im in maple ridge) to get it done tomorrow or as soon as possible?

what kind of price am i looking at(ballpark) to have it cut and balanced?


90 Ford F150

01-19-2004, 05:02 AM
Go see Mike at Abby Spring. He dose good work, price??? around $90 with a new tube using your ends. If you don't have a double cardan in it he could fix you up with that too.
***Warning*** Mike can be a bit of an ass but he is mostly fare and dose good work. Just never work for the guy...lol...

01-19-2004, 03:43 PM
you want the slip yoke right in the middle of the stroke, dont squeeze a driveshaft in you will regret it.

I forgot to lock the hubs in!

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01-19-2004, 04:03 PM
The easiest way is too keep adding inches to your lift till the driveshaft is the right length again.

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