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12-06-2003, 06:58 PM
[M] NEED HELP....with my jeep, an 81 cj-7 with an 87 yj tub, a new 85 yj frame, powered by a 400 small block.
So yeah, Began today, spent 11 hours and wow dealling with a rusty frame and all cutting bolts left right and center.....preped the new frame and coated it with Rino coating. Ripped off the old diffs and gas tank, drive train is tommorrow....and must be able to roll it to my house on the other side of Aldergrove Sunday night. any tips or help would be great!
I would apreceate it if you did have any advice or if you are in the Aldergrove area, to give me a call. Jeremy. 604- 783-7122
PLEASE, I want to get this done, before Christmas. And then come out on some of the trip that the club goes out on.


FU Toolbag
12-07-2003, 08:11 AM
81 cj-7, with a 87 yj tub and a "95"yj frame? What's the "81 cj" part again? If you just want to get it rolling, leave the tj suspension intact unless you want to swap in some good axles. Your question and plan have a few mising details to provide much usefull advice.

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