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10-26-2003, 09:14 PM
OK this is how today went . we woke up to the dogs wanting to get out (normal ) had some hot coffee and watched the morning unfold through our new 5x10 picture window. I took winnie out for a drive around the block and came across two mule deer bucks less than a block from our house . I went back and got my wife who was in the back with Darby and took her to see them . We got some photos and it was a 2 point and a spike buck together ( so we know the rut is not on yet or else they would not be together) . I krept within about 20 feet of the spike and 60 from the fork I got some great shots of the both of them I will post them when i get them developed.

Went to breakfast at the billy Miner( we try to do this every sunday if our schedules permit($2.99 special 2 eggs, hash browns, two pieces of toast and three strip of bacon ) I think we should meet there one day before going off roading , how about next sunday folks, just a thought? . anyways on the way back from breakfast we pass a fresh road kill coon and as we pass it my wife say's "well aren't you gonna stop and pick it up!. so i turned around and picked up the fresh coon. stuff it in a bag and bring it home. I put it in front of our gate and let the dogs go in the back well the coon hound (winnie) went straight to the gate and started whinning for the coon. (really good nose on her) so i ended up putting her in the house and bring ing the coon to the back to skin it out after i was done skinning it out I put the carcass in the back forty way past the fence and put the hide on the top of the welding truck . and then i let the dogs out . well they went nuts she found the hide on the top of the truck and made one heck of a fuss. and when i let her have a look she went nuts managed to get ahold of the hide and started to thrash it LOL! i had to get my wife to restrain winnie ( the hound ) and take her in the house. so now my dog is coon crazy and i still have to find a place to salt and store the hide, well i figure in the top of the barn might be a good place. Well she found that place too and every time she was let out she would bay and chop at the top portion of our barn ( she should make a good lay up dog) . so i am happy with the way she reacted to the coon.
later my brother came over and we had a fire in my fire pit and drank some brews had a good dinner and drank some more brews till about 11 so all in all it was a great day. Just thought i would share it with you all

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10-27-2003, 02:40 AM
Hey , the Billy Miner sounds like an awesome idea. good little breaky there. Sounds like it was a good day.

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10-27-2003, 06:34 PM
Yup! That sounds like one heck of a day...

Good to see the dogs are training well. [^]

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10-28-2003, 05:31 PM
I still havent gotten ruger on a grouse......maybe this next trip

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A hunting I will go.......