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wade and cleatus
10-07-2003, 12:38 PM
Of irish cream later and i finally made it home on Sunday. It turns out i still had'nt taken enough booze!! I spent another night on Nahatlach river, and had the compant of some strange cat that snuck up on me as i was sitting by the fire that night. The next day i headed up to the lakes, and beond where i spent another night, after spending a couple of hours hanging around with old Willy, to whom ive give thanks for his advise and knowlege. That old fella is great, a real pleasure to have met! I exited purgatory the same way i entered and spent a night at chehalis lake, wich sucked i might add. The caretaker there was a real goof, but whatever. The following day i took off and headed back up harrison lake this time on the west side. I made it up to glacier lake, then back down and proceeded up the lillooet river to lillooet lake where i spent a restless night. Some crazy squirrel (im assuming) whent nuts in the middle of the night and decided to attack my canopy. No shit!! Into pemberton the following morning for gas and supplies and then back down to harrison lake where i spent the 3 remaining days on the finger as its referred to, exact location i cannot reveal. That was rather un-eventful except for the mother bear and cubs that were sort of sneaking up on me. I think they just didnt notice me behind the trees, even though they were only abot 70 feet away. Remember to always know where your keys are! They disappeared into the bushes by the time i got my alarm set off, but it must have worked because i thankfully never saw them again. Then back home, beerless and tired. I had to stop on the way to check out a flipped excavator, check out some off-shoots and to check out the weird cabin/summer home around the 20k mark. Let me tell you that was a bizzare experience, that place has me wondering! Does anyone know anything about that place? I would suggest people stay away from there, somethings just not right about it. Repeat, do not go there!! For those who were not on the clear creek trip this is how i finished it off. It was a blast, good to see some familiar faces and to get to know some new ones. Good pics too, nice work Kev.

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10-07-2003, 02:53 PM
Hey Wade !!

Good to hear you back safe and sound ,,Were heading out hunting friday morning for some and friday night for me !

What was it like up beyond the lakes etc .... need to hear more info on that area as it sure looked like it was worth going back to explore .

What possesed you to leave that area and end up at Chehalis ??Chehalis is fine and all but when you are lready farther in I would have just stayed there !Did you ever eat your CHICKEN??????


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wade and cleatus
10-07-2003, 03:17 PM
Its pretty nice up beond the lakes, i didnt follow the road to the end but i imagine i wasnt too far away, judging from my position on the map. I didnt see a lot of signs of game but i wasnt looking too hard. Grouse everywhere the entire trip though. I wish i could get a hunting liscence again but everytime i try im told i have to take a safe firearm handling course even though it sounds to be identical to the one i took as part of the CORE course. The chicken was good but i think thats what brought the cat into camp. The scariest part was i didnt notice the cat until it was walking away from me, that bugger just snuck right up beside me, probably about 10 feet away, and had no fear as i tried to scare it off. On another note, there wasnt a lot of places to camp beond the lakes, but the one i did find was a road that goes about 10 minutes down to the river where theres a pretty interesting old prospectors cabin. Definately worth checking out. I should have stayed longer but its tough when your by yourself, you dont want to go too far away and leave your truck and gear sitting there while you bugger off to do some fishing, especially in an area that well travelled. This was one of the things old Willy warned me about. Thats why i stayed the longest on harrison lake, i got a nice private spot, i was even up one morning fishing about 5 feet from the fire wearing nothing but underwear and running shoes. Noone came down the whole time i was there, even though peole were driving past on the main road from time to time.

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10-07-2003, 03:37 PM
Hey Wade...

Do you still have your hunter number card??? Thats all you need for your hunting liscence ! Now buying new guns and bullets you need the pal for that !

heres a link that might help you ! Theres only two gov agencies in the lower mainland --Maple ridge and Chiliwack----If you have your core certificate and two pieces of Id they will even take your info over the phone and mail you out a card (asked for my daughter this morning)That was the guy in Maple ridge anyways --Heres the link http://wlapwww.gov.bc.ca/fw/wild/resident/hunter_numbers.htm

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10-07-2003, 04:27 PM
now what exactly do you mean by cat?

quote-The chicken was good but i think thats what brought the cat into camp. The scariest part was i didnt notice the cat until it was walking away from me, that bugger just snuck right up beside me, probably about 10 feet away, and had no fear as i tried to scare it off????
end quote-
Was it a Bob? Cougar ? Ferel?
You have gotten my attention[7]

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wade and cleatus
10-08-2003, 07:57 AM
Bruce, thanks for the link, ive still got my hunter number card, im going to look into it. As for the cat, i couldnt really tell what it was, i should have changed the batteries in the flashlight sooner! From what i could tell it looked like a huge housecat, like a charcoal grey, and what tipped me off to its presence was the white "socks" on its rear feet, that were quite noticable when it walked away, but not when it was sneaking up. Im guessing a bobcat. The most intriging part of the trip was the bizzare cabin up at harrison, ive got a good campfire story to tell now. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, i was more afeared than when i saw the bear and cubs.

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10-08-2003, 07:00 PM
Sounds like you had a pretty good time of it. Lots of explorin' and campin'.
Can't wait to hear your "camp fire stories";)

I get more time off this month from the 18th to the 29th.
Hopin' to get out somewhere for a while but it will probably be raining real hard or snowing in the mountains by then.
Last year at south chehalis at thanksgiving it snowed right down to the lake while I was there.
South chehalis is not a forest service site.
Not a bad place if not many others there.
Might just go there for a few days again and see if I can catch some more dollies.:D

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10-08-2003, 09:49 PM
Thanx for sharing your stories Wade...good stuff.
Sounds like my solo trips to the Kootenays,it's wild spending a couple weeks alone in the bush exploring all by yourself.I think everyone should do that once a year just to get away from the world....but then again im a freak.....i knew we had something in common when i met you in July....hehe:D
Stay cool bro[8D]

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