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08-05-2003, 07:20 AM
I actually found this post on the "other" board.... but though it was suitable to share it here......

Quote from Shadow_Play

Well this last weekend is a prime example of
what can happen when the ground in dry. A
friend and I (Nick H.) were heading up to Sunrise
Lake to grab a spot and wait for our friends, when
we reached the top we came across a forest fire
in the beginning stages. It is estimated the fire was
burning for 1hr before we had arrived (which was at
approx. 2pm on friday). We believe the fire started
from a cigarette butt (accidental) and that people were
in the area when it started and they left when they
saw the flames.

To make a long story short - we faught the fire with
what means we had, a helicopter dropped gear for
fire fighting then it returned with a bucket and started
dumping water on the fire. We attacked the fire with
the equipment they supplied until the "I.A. Team" (Initial
Attack) arrived - we had no idea that it was their gear
but they were surprised we jumped right into the equipment
and attacked the fire. Three hours latter the fire was out
and the back up team arrived - everyone left at nine and
we partied the weekend away.

So for everyone to keep their in mind - that lake is an awsome
place to go - something simple could have taken away alot
of nice land. "Make sure you know that you butts are out and
don't flick them carelessly aside."

So don't flick your butts :assshake:

Rich [}:)]
(aka Stax)

"It's ALL GOOD!"

TTC 2003
Been there... done that... waiting for the video!

mista fitz
08-05-2003, 03:22 PM
yeah, I was up there this past weekend and noticed all the charred ground, must have been the same guy who wrote that message you found, that I bumped into and got the story from on my way up around the v-rock.

got the _LAST_ camping spot, and tried to keep entertained sans-fire.. isn't it kinda weird sitting around in a circle at night with no fire?

woke up to a helicopter circling around on monday morning (spot checking?) he hovered around for a bit and continued on.. .

got a good ribbin, since I was the only smoker in our group-- I was like, they should put a new warning on these things "Cigarettes can cause forest fires" lol [:p]