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06-24-2003, 09:39 AM
My old TTB had shot ball joints NO bearings left in the axle u-joints and 3.08 gears.

The one I swapped in has good ball joints, good axle u-joints and 3.55 gears.:D

Replaced it as a unit. Complete with radius arms attached.[5]

Did it solo and took about 5 hours or so.
That included lots of swearing and using the propane torch and BFG on the coil spring bottom retainer nuts. Fuck!!! They might as well weld them on. Mud and water just sits in the cup and effectively seals the nut to the stud!!:(

But in the end all was successfull.
Rides Waaaaaaay better now and no more rattling and clunking from the axle shafts when going over every little bump .

It will actually drive straight down the road now without constant steering corrections!![:0]
I didn't think Ford TTB's did that [:p]

My cost just for ball joints and u-joints would have been in excess of $250 plus tax.
The complete axle cost me $100 no tax.
And now I have spare axles etc. to build up for future breakage.[22]

Next is installing the Ford 9" with 3.55 gears that I also got for $100 drum to drum.[36][36][36]

'85 Bronco
300 I6 TOD NP208 8.8" D44 TTB IFS 3.08's 33X12.5 Cooper Discoverer STT's
CB, Warn 8274 on Aluminum Bumper, Tow Hooks F/R, Customized Rust

Soon to be 9" rear and 3.55's

"It doesn't matter where you go, there you are"

In The Zone
06-24-2003, 03:53 PM
:DSounds sweet Dude Well worth the Low price what a deal[:0]
I just did my upper ball joints as well. Ford in their infanite wisdom went and made the control arm and Bj a integral part.

[V] I found new Moog parts with a servicable BJ[36]
Only cost me 145.00 per side
Now i will wait till the bottoms go and be done with the factory crap.
Ultimatly though a SAS is in the future.[^]

It' a FORD need I say More.....