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03-23-2003, 07:37 PM
anyone had many problems with cops (excluding vernon i know this place is bad for it) and if so what did they normally look for in a roadside inspection? like bumper height, mudflaps, lights? etc.

thanks i am getting nervous with my truck and its 5" of uncovered tire (per side) and 34" bumper height

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03-23-2003, 07:56 PM
Driving Target.......... Put some mudflaps on and wheel well flairs and you should be good for the most part..... Just don't make you truck stand out too much or you will see constant red and blue lights....

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03-23-2003, 08:38 PM
I got nailed twice in the past couple years.

The last time they checked under the hood, checked all lights, the park brake holding power, climbed underneat the front end and checked the suspension and steering components. This time wasn`t bad.

First time a few years back the asshole had a hard on for me cause i wouldnt let him in my lane.

Got nailed for colored lights, no mud flaps, more than 4" of suspension lift, extra lighting, loose idler arm.

Lots of the work was simple, but the inspection I had to go through found a few other items to fix. Rag joint shot, firewall steering shaft seal was toast, exhaust leaked, and backup lights didnt work.

Tires were to big for truck so I put the studded winters on in summer and he wouldnt pass it untill I mentioned that it doesnt say a fuckin thing in the book and it is up to a cop to ticket me , not him.

We had a good argument over the truck, but another mechanic finally passed it without even looking at it.

Works for me.

Worst places in Vernon are the end of 30ave nearer the 35street end of it, 25th ave near the 35th street end, polson park between 32street and hiway6, Polson overpass(traintracks) near the mall, The odd time near the scale shack.

The assholes will even pull you over anytime they feel like it.

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