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02-17-2003, 07:49 PM
Man it's been a while....well every one I did it, I spent way too much on my Jeep....don't ask! ($XX,XXX)
I slammed a small block 400, edelbrock 600 carb, edelbrock proformance manifold, custom exhaust with duel flowmasters, and added a 4" lift. Little problem though...that's all we have done so far, to the trained eye you already know the problem. I wish I knew but after a kick ass day at Vedder Mountain and beyond, I figured it out the problem.
"the hard way".

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http://www.funinbc.com/forum/uploaded/rambo/20032180152_one fucked up jeep.jpg

You see what happened that day, with pulling out 3 different Jeeps and one Sidekick (sorry everyone) I wanted to take this hill that no one could, powered up and hit it, rolled back, let buddy try and he ran over something, after a second or two I then realized that it was my tire that he just ran over.
I ended up spinning my right rear wheel right off the axel.
On the way home, after I demanded that the tow truck triver load the Jeep forward on the back of the flat deck. Going down the highway at 100 km, the soft top got ripped to shreads....stupid tow truck driver, ICBC won't do anything...the say it wouldn't be worth to replace or fix!
I got mud everywere, before I could take any pictures of the nice job that Layne of [36] LAKE PERFORMANCE, LANGLEY [36] did of detailing the engine and the Jeep. But then again....
[5] IT'S MUD [5]
So to end...finally my buddy an I have a few ideas for 4x4 day trips at least once a month, and have some pretty wicked ideas but would love to entertain more ideas and have more people come out. Or go out on some of the trips you people plan out. So on that note, seeing I am new to this kick ass site, just wondering....when you post a weeked event is everyone invited or just a select few?

May all your blues be Labatts

02-17-2003, 08:26 PM
Hey Rambo ! We try to include all ! Nice truck Too bad it doesnt look as pretty right now !We try to get out lots ,,, some times more then others !We just got back from a greta trip ! Got to meet a few new people and had a great time ,,, YOU just missed it!