View Full Version : Boggers or no Boggers.....

02-09-2003, 04:11 PM
I have a set of 16x35x15 Boggers on my Zuk, but they kinda stick out.... ;) I want to use it as a trail rig but want to be able to drive it on the street as well.

This is what it looks like but I have new tires on it now.


Do I sell them and install a 35x12.5x15 or just make wider flares to cover them up? I am wanting to be able to drive down to Moab, or to the coast and other events. The truck will weigh in at around 2500lbs when done so I am not really sure how bad the Boggers will wear on the hwy. At this point they only have abought 300 miles on them and could sell them withought loosing alot of money.

Thanx and [3] for any help making up my mind.

02-09-2003, 05:37 PM
i say keep the boggers for around home wheelin and get yourself a set of radial muds for long distance wheelin (boggers/swampers wear the most on long drives cuz the rubber heats up and gets softer) i will be running 36" swampers and am not to worried about wear

broncoII project should be done for april-may
custom everything!