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11-27-2002, 02:19 PM
i went out hunting monday evening for deer here on the island. I allready shot a 3 spike here and a moose in the interoir...so i decided that i would only take a big buck. (im not sure if ya'll know how big the deer on van isle are.....anyways they are about 100 lbs if yer luckey and far and few) anyways i got into my spot where i had been seeing a few does. I blew the deer call a couple times ....rattled my horns a couple times. about a minute after sitting down i herd a noise too my right. 200 yards away was a big doe and right behind it a 5 spike. as i looked in my binos i counted the spikes ......usually im serious and calm when hunting but i caught a bad disease also known as "BUCK FEVER" i started shaking the deer started running.....i fired...............for a couple seconds that seemed like an eternity i waited for the smoke to clear. as i regained my vision i watched as the 2 deer...doe and BUCK ran through the slash across the road....10 feet in front of my truck and in the timber. after swearing..smashing...breaking and crying...oh and one nightmare all's i can think about is this buck.
my girlfriend says get over it. that is one evening i wont forget(unless i get a big buck like that sometime soon....then i wont feel so bad)

12-04-2002, 04:24 PM
I know what u mean,My brother shot a 6x5 an we tracked it for a day an half, when we did find it a grizzley had killed it an ate the whole thing over night,I mean everything, hide an horns the only thing left! snapped its spine an dragged it over a fence, this deer was huge 300+ lbs.