View Full Version : Pilot bearing for NP435----- Wrong one????

11-15-2002, 10:12 AM
I have A 1981 CJ5 with a 258 and an NP435 and Dana 300

I have been getting this rattle in the drive train when it is not under load. I thought it was the drive shaft binding a bit because of my lift but that was not the case. About two weeks ago I replaced the Clutch (big job !!!!!) and I also replaced the pilot bearing. Now the one that came out was flush and the one I replaced was smaller and recessed in the engine by about 1/2"

My Theory is I was getting rattle before because the pilot bearing was a bit wore out. Now I'm getting rattle because the input shaft is not seated in the pilot bearing. I might also have a bearing in the trany going as well.

Am I on the right track? Like I said it was a Big job and I am not looking forward to taking it back apart.