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09-17-2002, 08:18 AM
Man this guy's an idiot. But you gotta give it to the truck for getting him home after. More money than brains I guess...


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09-17-2002, 09:30 AM
I have seen guys do stuff that stupid ! Problem is everybody watches the movies and see vehichles doing some amazing stuff and still keep on going !I guess its good for the cops when they are chasing somebody as they think they can jump the curb ,, clear the ditch or whatever is in front of them and not brake anything in the process !When you see stuff like that you wonder how much fun the guys at the dealerships must have when somebody comes in from abusing their new four wheel drive and expect them to fix it ,,, Im sure they have a great laugh at his /hers expense !I still have my original 4x4 ,, An 81 cj5 bought brand new in the summer of 82 (47 km on speedo ,, of the lot )I would never dream of abusing a 4x4 in that way !

09-17-2002, 09:35 AM
Speaking of people with way to much money ! I posted this link a while back ! Look at what hes done to this jeep !!!!!! UNBELEIVABLE !


09-17-2002, 10:03 PM
Must be nice to have more money than brains...uh...did that come out right?

A little off topic of wrecking new trucks when wheeling...but here's another example.

Back in '91 - '92 (when I was still an Autobody repairman) I was working for the local GM dealership in Princeton...(you know, the town beyond Hope..<img src=roflmao.gif border=0 align=middle>).

This guy comes in one day with a thrashed GM extended-cab 4x4. The thing looked like it should've had 300,000 hard miles on it. Turned out that it was not quite a year old. Apparently, this guy was a logger (or owned a logging company...I don't really remember which) and leased a new truck almost every year.

I'm standing there on my smoke break talking to this guy while he prepares to transfer everything from the thrashed truck into his brand new, newly-leased rig. Oh, by the way, the new rig was also an extended cab 4x4...fully loaded, including carpets and cloth seats. Anyway, he parks the rigs side-by-side about four feet apart, and procedes to transfer his equipment.

He climbs into the box of the old rig, grabs a bunch of oily, heavy chain and throws it across the gap into the box of the new rig. Naturally, about five feet of chain doesn't quite make it all the way into the box...instead, it slams into the side of the box of the new rig. He does this with a half-dozen lengths of chain, gas cans, load-binders, and various other tools and equipment. The new truck hasn't even left the lot yet, and it's got dents all over one side of the box and scraped paint.

He then opens the passenger door of the old rig, and pulls out an oily, greasy, absolutely filthy chainsaw. He opens the passenger door of the new rig, and puts it on the seat of the new rig...remember, cloth seats??? I mean really...you couldn't at least put it on the floor? He closes the door, looks at me and says..."If you leave your saw in the box, someone will steal it!"

I was speechless!!

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giant green sammy
09-20-2002, 11:06 PM
i some times wish i was rolling in it!

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