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09-15-2002, 05:37 AM
What is your favourite reading material to keep in the can?

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09-19-2002, 08:21 PM
Hi all ,i am back sorry ,i have been so busy ,almost too busy to even breath.
Shit my vote is reading the playboys on the can.. yah i know but are you really surprised.
Shit alot has happened well i've been on sabitical...
vernon Taz does that mean T_girl got a job there?
How is school going bugs..and hi lady bugs....
sorry i missed your visit crazy j..i was at work.....
i have been doing double shifts....house cleaning ,and daycare..... among other shit..garden you name it ,it seems it always pops up all at once.
I am even writing a book. Murder Mystery...bet ya didn't know i am a published poet eh...
well i am back..things will slow down now..i hope...so i can shoot the shit..
my yard still sucks..but i am workin on a get together plan for hopefully the 26th of october..
Halloween is comming and i love holidays..halloween being one of my favorites...
i will keep you posted on the plans..i miss everyone very much..so very lonely for mud..
stop by any time for a visit...i work at home m-thurs and fridays till 2.
i have a new edition to the family..a pet black widow.. named willow..
and a venus fly trap..

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