View Full Version : ATT. - FuninBC (Hot Tub Pump)

06-25-2002, 10:38 AM
What do you use for the pump and a power source for it. Also how do you connect the hose to the copper. I cant wait to make a hot tup camping.

06-27-2002, 06:20 PM
Email me at my home addy and I can tell you all you need to know ! My home email address is jeeppeople@shaw.ca . There is nothing like it,, We were camping on the May long weekend and the Illusions group were out with a full hot tub setup.. Im talking a full 6 person hot tub and jets on a trailer ! That was a site to see !!!!!!! But i tell you the one we made sure was a great thing ,, I wouldnt have traded it for the one they had ! Theres something about doing something from nothing that is so satisfying and fun ! On that on we had two pumps going ,,, One pump to recurculate the water in the tub ,,,,,, this helps to keep the temperature up,,, and we had another pump going to add cold water when the tub got to hot ! ------Yes the tub got to hot ,,, Also the cold water inlet worked good for fighting the kids that were trying to put cold wateron our heads --- It kept them at a distance--- good thing they arent old enough to realize all they had to do was to pull the inlet for that pump out of the cold creek we were getting water from !!! In time they will learn ,, but for now they lost the water fight :) Well,, anyways email me and I can guide you through everything you could ever want to know about the water systems and a few things you probably dont want to know ! But until then GET OUT AND GO CAMPING !!! Well,, bye for now ---Bruce