View Full Version : Water Filter scam is here!

I'm not here
05-11-2016, 05:53 PM
Everyone, please be aware the water filter scam, my parents almost got suckered into it, I came home and listened to the conversation and knew right away it was a scam.

The scammer is a balding middle aged man, 6'6, 180 pounds and wears glasses, drives a newer model red Ford F150 4 door short box with black rims.

He was seated down at my parents table with the whole testing kit with him and had samples of our water.

My parents gave me his phone numbers, 604 372 4404 and 604 897 2509.

I work with the city of Abbotsford and I was told about this scam a few years ago and to watch out.

Please, please, do not let this fuck nut in your door, if there is an issue with your city water system, there will be a letter or a representative will talk to you, and not send out an "independant testing company".

I am so fucking pissed off I didn't take his picture and his license plate, and add to the fact I didn't get a good chance to kick his fucking ass.

Hello Kitty
05-11-2016, 06:01 PM
Scary. I drink water from my tap it's all good and not brown.if someone came to my door to sell water/filters past the sign that says don't come to my door I'd be angry :D

05-11-2016, 07:45 PM
About 6 months ago 2 guys came to my door same thing said my area has hard water and I should probably put a filter system in I stood there with my 3 Alaskan malamutes in my boxers at the door and just told them I'm a journey man plumber and they were fucking idiots there tune turned really quick and they left feel bad for the old people who fall for that shit

07-30-2016, 01:08 PM
:WTF Any of you guys want to buy a filter system you know bc water isn't safe to drink hahahahaha :WTF I'm a plumber also. That's a huge scam. I have put a lot of filters in homes . But it's Mostly the home owners that don't want the Floride and clorine taste .