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04-29-2015, 10:26 PM
i dont know if this discussion has come up yet, it has come up all over crackbook


the link was vague so i emailed parks/wildlife ppl to find out more information


Firstly, I appreciate you inquiring with the Fish and Wildlife Branch with respect to motor vehicle restrictions within the Lillooet area. In an effort to protect fragile environments and reduce wildlife displacement and harassment by motor vehicles the provincial government has enacted several motor vehicle closures and restrictions that are enforced under the Wildlife Act, Forest and Range Practices Act and the Provincial Parks Act. To assist you with respect to identifying where these restrictions are located I have enclosed a map for you to review as a reference. The information provided below will help you understand what each of these closures or restrictions means to you.

The red colour polygons identify the boundaries in which motorized vehicle use is prohibited above the 1920 meter elevation mark. This prohibition is in place all year round. These red polygons on the map are labelled: China Head, Nine Mile Ridge, Red and French Mountain and Hogback Mountain. You are allowed to use the China Head Mountain Forest Service Road to drive over China Head- please stay on this trail/road if you decide to explore the China Head area. I also encourage you to pick up a Thompson Okanagan Back road map book- these vehicle prohibitions are also mapped there for you as a reference. These useful books are available in most outdoor stores.

The Yellow hashed polygons denote the 1,700 meter elevation mark. You must stay on existing roads or trails when operating a motor vehicle on or above the 1,700 meter mark.
An existing road or trail is defined as: 1) road or trail with paved surface, 2) a cross-country or downhill ski route marked in a ski area, 3) a road used for logging or mining, 4) a road or trail used to access to fences powerlines, wind generators, or communication towers, or 5) a trail on which there is no vegetation except on a strip that if present can be straddled by a four wheel drive vehicle.

The Spruce Lake Wildlife Act Closure (Black polygon)- the operation of all motor vehicles is prohibited from June 1- November 30th, in that portion of M.U. 3-32 (except the Slim Creek Forest Road and the Roxey Creek Mining Road). I have enclosed a more detailed map for you.

The Forest and Range Section 58 closure, This order limits operation of all non-industrial motorized vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles except snowmobiles in the Bonanza-Tyaughton area.
This order is issued pursuant to Section 105 (1) (b) of the Forest and Range Practices Act, and remains in effect from January 1 to December 31 annually.

Off road motor vehicle recreation is restricted within Provincial Parks



04-29-2015, 11:45 PM
Way too much reading for me. I know in the hunting synopsis there are elevation restrictions for motor vehicles