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04-16-2015, 10:46 PM
I just bought a used quad, I am the third owner. The lady I purchased the quad from bought it second hand at the yamaha dealer in town, but unfortunately the dealer is no longer in business. Here is my dilema. How do I prove full continuity of ownership? I asked if they had any other paperwork and they dont, but they wrote me a bill of sale etc.

Used ORV

Full continuity of ownership, and

Bill of sale(s), or Transfer/tax form (APV9T) signed by seller, and

Out of province registration documents if imported from a jurisdiction outside BC, and

New Vehicle Information Statement or a Certificate of Origin (only for snowmobiles, sit astride ATVs or RUMs acquired on or after November 17, 2014), and

BC Consumer Taxation Branch Gift of Vehicle Form (FIN 319) if applicable (if vehicle was a gift).


Missing Signature Declaration form (MV1484) where required if any of the above documents are missing.

04-16-2015, 11:04 PM
I'm just not going to worry about it till I get stopped lol

04-17-2015, 08:54 AM
Lol I want to get insurance on my quad, and honestly I wouldnt mind the liability.

04-17-2015, 12:36 PM
I took my bill of sale for mine because ICBC said I need transfer papers for registration, I went to the Yamaha shop and the boss told me to forget about it as they are going to change it all soon anyway. :dontknow: I don't understand any of this. Good luck. [cheers]