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The Northerner's son graduated from college and was offered a good job, but it was in the Deep South .

Dad, a liberal Democrat, was worried about his son going off to such a strange land and he warned him to avoid entanglements with southern women.

"They can't cook the kind of food we northerners eat, they won't keep the house clean, they don't like sex, and if you marry one, she'll call you a Damn Yankee the rest of your life. "

After a few months, the son telephoned Dad and told him he had just met a wonderful Southern girl, and thought he was in love with her.

Dad repeated his warnings about Southern women and their shortcomings.

After another couple of months, the son called Dad and told him he and his Southern girl were getting married. Dad just moaned and groaned and repeated his warnings.

Two more months go by and son telephones Dad ... "Dad, you were wrong. My wife is a great cook, keeps the house neat as a pin, and she absolutely loves sex."

Dad responded, "Well, what about the fourth thing -- her calling you a Damn Yankee?"

"Oh, we reached an agreement on that. She won't call me a 'Damn Yankee', and I won't call her the "N" word."

The phone line went blank and the son had to call back ...

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