View Full Version : Yellowstone to Montana

08-05-2014, 08:07 PM
We departed the park on a cloudy day. Headed up to Tower Junction and the northwest exit.
The day got incredibly stormy.. As we climbed the rain hit hard turned to hail and then got bad. We road all day completely soaked and cold....first hotel!!!

The next day was perfect and we climbed the Bear tooth Mountains. 13400 feet up. It was F!@###$#$ing cold!!!!!
the scenery made up for it. It was completely breath taking!!!

08-05-2014, 10:21 PM
thats..... not so hot

08-10-2014, 04:03 PM
awesome, just awesome!!!!

Lieutenant Johnson
08-11-2014, 01:28 PM
wicked pics once again thanks!

08-11-2014, 08:07 PM
Looks like a great trip with you and your family.

Nice motorbikes!