View Full Version : 1979 bronco steering issue

04-28-2014, 07:56 PM
I got a 79 bronco with a stock box and sag pump. problem is no flow. just over heats really fast and smokes. loosened hp hose fitting running and pissed out. My question is? is there a valve in the steering box that might be stuck? I know the hp hose is good and return line is good. So what ya think?

04-28-2014, 08:30 PM
What started this did you change something ?truck sit a long time ?
Or did it just start doing it
Not in the box but in the pump is a pressure valve
There is a spool valve in box but have never seen one stick
It's behind the big fitting that the pressure line threads into on the pump
Are the lines hooked to the box corect
What it could be is not enough fluid and its cavitating
Try jacking the truck up so front tires off ground
Slowly turn it lock to lock without truck running
Lots of times at least ten now start truck and repeat lock to lock slowly
Make shure there is fluid before starting
Have seen the foil off the top of ps fluid containers plug pumps up

04-29-2014, 08:05 PM
On my early bronco had to turn the pump slow with drill and some rope to get all the air bubbles out . If start the motor it puke every were .

04-30-2014, 04:14 PM
I had the same problem with my sag pump I swapped onto my ranger lost pressure and I couldn't fix it no matter what I tryed so I threw it in the scrap bin now I'm back to a pos winey stock pump

04-30-2014, 09:13 PM
I figured it out. Truck has been sitting a while. saginaw pump ford box. Got lordco to build a line and they Fricked it up. Pinched the end witch caused no flow. Any one know what to do with the line? not going back there. Budy said a 1990 E250 ran a 460 with a sag pump??

05-01-2014, 01:13 AM
get the russlle adapter fittings and there power steering hose and make your own thats how i did it on my jeep cause jeeps never came with hydro boost or a 460 with a sagnaw 143 pump and a super duty box lol

05-04-2014, 08:34 AM
Or if ya know the ends, any hydraulic shop can make em. Just deny it is for a street driven vehicle

05-04-2014, 11:22 AM
Tried that. No buddy will do it. So i am going to use a 1990 E250 hose and get another Saginaw pump . My pump has a male fitting for some reason. All others are female. Just so when it ever goes i dont have a headache to get another. New hose 30 bucks pump 40 bucks. Will let you guys know the progress. cheers

05-04-2014, 04:31 PM
Just make shure to the bleeding procedure on the power steering
Before you fire it up
It can burn up a pump in seconds if its not purged and cavitates

05-06-2014, 08:43 AM
Got a pump yesturday. Will try and get her going today. thanks for all the help

05-08-2014, 09:52 AM
Line still wrong. So i went back to my ford parts source guy. Looked at his parts trucks. turned out that a 78 2wd ford h/p line works on my set up. Yay bleed and good to go. Any one suggest a good exhaust shop is aldergrove area?