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01-02-2014, 07:06 PM
My buddy heater wont light. Suggestions?

The King Machine
01-02-2014, 07:08 PM
I fiddle with the off button a bit, I've had it stick.
no wind, keep er steady should light up

01-02-2014, 07:09 PM
Dump gas on it and try again

01-02-2014, 07:19 PM
is the igniter working?
clean the orafice
does it light at all? thermalcoupler

01-02-2014, 07:36 PM
Sometimes it can take a while to get propane in for the first light after puttin on a new bottle. Even longer if u r runnin a hose off a 20#.try using a lighter to light the pilot,u will see if u got air or propane coming out.

Tinker Belle
01-02-2014, 08:46 PM
oh yeah oh yeah he said oriface

The King Machine
01-02-2014, 09:01 PM
oh yeah oh yeah he said oriface


01-03-2014, 09:17 AM
Why fuck around, call Enerco direct #1-800-251-0001

01-03-2014, 11:28 AM
stick a q-tip in the oriface...

01-05-2014, 10:10 PM
I got it but its still actin funny. Is Enerco the supplier?

02-16-2014, 11:42 PM
buy a new one

02-17-2014, 06:37 AM
Breathe in fumes when you see the unicorn its good to go

02-17-2014, 07:02 AM
I brought my Buddy heater out of storage and now my pilot will not light?

Spiders get into the pilot tube. Remove the front grill and use cotton tipped cleaner or a pipe cleaner and wet it with alcohol. Push it into the pilot tube a full two (2) inches. Now twist the pipe cleaner around a couple of times and pull it out and blow out the tube with compressed air.

02-17-2014, 08:09 AM
if you are running it off a big tank with a hose, it can take several minutes to purge the line.

just a thought

02-17-2014, 05:54 PM
see, see, q-tip in orafice :party0010:

02-17-2014, 05:57 PM
the tip over safety can be sticky also mine wouldn't lite i tipped back and forth and lit right up

02-17-2014, 07:15 PM
Ill try that! Its been working lately but still finicky

02-17-2014, 09:15 PM
the tip over safety can be sticky also mine wouldn't lite i tipped back and forth and lit right up

This /\ if you store them laying on there sides the tip over safety will and does stick on them give it a good shake and it should then light up

02-17-2014, 11:42 PM
you will be to drunk to care if its warm.

02-17-2014, 11:49 PM
Camper has a furnace. It will be lit!

02-18-2014, 04:40 PM
We got furnace and stove to light up we gona be fine bro