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03-27-2013, 12:06 PM
2 ladies go golfing. 1st lady tees up and realizes a couple guys are still putting on the green. She discusses with her friend that theres no way she will be able to hit it that far. So she lines up and to her supries smokes it harder than ever before. She then realizes that the golf ball is heading straight for the golfers so she screams out fore.
One of the male golfers hears her and turned around only to be nailed by the ball. The worman runs down to the man that is now rolling around on the grass with his hands between his legs. She feels so bad that she tells him she's a profesional masseuse, Please let me help you.
She unzips his pants and begins to massage his dick. After a few minutes she asks him if its is helping relieve the pain. He says it feels great but my thumb still hurts.

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hahaha nice one

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hahahaha lol