View Full Version : fun outside on march 2nd better late then never lol

03-14-2013, 09:59 PM
ok its late but been busy at work , but from our march 2nd paintball day had a blast , even in the rain , had some no shows so i ate a bit but it was a fun day as for the paint count total was 6000 balls , they didnt like it to much that i made a deal with chris to use my membership with the paint , got told a couple time im not supposed to do that , well i know but it was worked out a week before and with the deposits from the no shows i think it works out lol , so for the paint count t and i will be helping out to the pete fund , we took 1$ from every 100 balls = 60$ , not much but its where we can help , wish all 26 would have showed up we could have used more paint , any ways for the 16 that did come out and shoot some balls on a light rainy day [cheers]
got to try my new gun lol as i left the field heard some one say behind me " who the hell has the full auto gun " :confused0006: :dontknow::roll eyes[15]
had a stray ball come through fence in the safe area , got me in the neck were you take your pulse with no goggles on ! that stung a bit ! that could have been worse , could have been a kid .
all in all great day , thanks guys