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09-21-2012, 04:51 PM
For the last three days, my Uncle and I go hunting. We parked my Toyota truck near an old logging area. My uncle bugled for an elk and we waited. No elk so we hiked in to the clear cut. After sitting for 30 minutes, I wanted to go back to the truck to pick up some drinks for us and my muscles were hurting from sitting so long.

I rounded the bend in the old logging trail and saw the toyota and right behind the truck was a huge elk thirty feet from where I was standing. I stopped and the bull elk stared at me. I started to pull my digital camera out of my front jacket pocket. The elk saw my movement and just turned around and took off running down the trail. It is too bad that I not get a picture of the elk. I go back and tell my Uncle - "You missed the big one!" We did take some photos of the bull elk's tracks.

We saw a group of mule deer - one small buck - two points. We saw two bull moose, coyotes and lots of rabbits. Damage to my Toyota truck - two Bushwacker front fenders both ripped by trees. We had a great time and I plan to go back in two weeks.

lincoln locked
09-21-2012, 05:59 PM
nice moose , damage is always going to happen it make for good storeis