View Full Version : Started ripping into my '92 Warrior

04-24-2012, 12:55 PM
This thing has run a little rough since I bought it 3yrs ago... since then I bought a prairie 650 and use that most of the time but figured id cleanup the warrior for the GF so we can go on rides together and not have to wait to find someone else to go with us

First thing I did was check the engine mounts... upper mount cracked so I ordered a new one for $20 off fleabay. The front one was loose and the head and nut on bolt was stripped so I cut it off with a sawzall, takes a while to cut a 10mm Grade 8 Bolt. Rear mount was loose but in good condition so tightened er up

Chances are I am going to be pulling the motor to do a top end at the minimum and I want to paint the frame.

I also ordered a A-Arm rebuild kit on fleabay for $70 which has everything i will need to replace the A-Arm joints

After doing lots of work on the prairie the warrior is a walk in the park... took me 30min to get it to here:

I stopped there because after realizing how easy this thing is to work on I decided I m going to have my GF do a lot of the work(she was excited when I told her this)

05-05-2012, 01:07 AM
Did some more work on warrior today.. here is some before/after pics used a ROS to sand most things and a wire brush where the ROS wouldnt reach





Painted the Muffler.. it was a nice rust colour, also you can see the skid plate in the background and I painted the foot brake lever.. Also touched up the frame where it was worn/rusted

Other Side of bike...

Took Apart the Swing Arm and the swingarm bolt was filled with metal filings...

And the swing arm being prepped for paint with all the tools needed...

And while removing the bearing from the rear carrier I noticed it has a crack... Hopefully it can be welded or else its MORE money that I didnt expect to spend lol

05-05-2012, 01:08 AM
Painted my red plastics today with krylon Fusion..

The Tank Cover before.. trust me its not as good as it looks

After some 80Grit...

Then did some 220 Grit...

Then I used a torch to heat it a bit... Not sure what the torch does I just know i always see people do it before painting plastic...

Then for the hood I only used TSP to clean it no sanding.. thought id see if any prep is really neccesary, after the TSP I used the torch again

Tank painted(not as orange as pic looks id say its yamaha red) and front fender before paint showing how bad it actually is when in person...

Both painted...

by looks they both turned out the same.. the can says it takes 7 days to fully cure so I am going to wait that long before touching it at all and then we shall see if they both hold up well

05-05-2012, 01:08 AM
Got rear bearings installed into carrier the side with the brake attached wasn't perfectly round so was a bitch to get it started was amazed at after all the pounding I had to do with a 2lb hammer to get it out how easily it all slid together.. I put some never seize on it so it will come apart just as easily when its time again

Also took another pic of painted plastic on silver background so the true colour shows up better... I tried to scratch the paint off with my nail and it wouldnt come off and its only been one day(can says full cure is 7 days)

05-05-2012, 07:28 PM
looks like a nice rebuild on a bike u have had alot of fun on!!!!!!
and gonna have alot more fun!!!