View Full Version : need quick lesson in stick welding with a miller bluestar

m j
10-21-2011, 04:46 PM
Monday morning I am supposed to fix an excavator bucket with what I think is a miller bluestar engine driven stick welder.
first problem is that I never bothered to learn how to stick weld
anyone have some pointers, like what settings to start with? what rod (I will probably grab some at lordco so at least they will be dry rather then use what they have on hand)?
I am going to take my auto helmet and a couple of my grinders in to work, other then that I am in a muddy field with what is at hand.

the repair is to the nub that teeth attach to on a digging bucket, they ran it for too long with missing teeth and wore the attachment point so that it can no longer hold a tooth
so basically have to build it back up to shape
my instinct is to crank the heat as its a tiny welder and a pretty thick piece of steel

10-21-2011, 05:19 PM
Cast buckets can be a problem. You will want a high nickel content. Ive used BLu-Cr rods and Ni-rods on preheat to over 800F and put the weld in and peen and keep going untill you have build up a sufficient amount of weld meterial