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09-09-2011, 12:54 AM
well after wrecking the ring and pinion on my truck i finly found a 5.13 gear set outta the front of a suzuki side kick. But after looking into the diff sum more i found out that i guy befor me and upgraded the axles (to god only knows what ) I also found that i have worn out side gears and the axle gears are worn too . Im not a diff person at all and have a freind of mine building it my question is how do i find out what my axles are and what the inner axle gears are outta. Also is it gunna be a pain to find a posi for or should i just find the gear and leave it open. If any one has parts pices info or can help out with the question's I can measure post pic's and count the teeth do what ever i need the parts so i can get it on the road seeing how its my dd and need it also im pretty sure the front diff is a side kick because its got a side kick housing and was wondering could it have a side kick full rear end in it . if any one can help or has part's id really appreciate it.


09-09-2011, 04:22 PM
usually they put 513 (sidekick) rears in the front and run 513 in the back also to check on what gear ratio you got i dont remember but zukiworld would know whats definately wrong

09-09-2011, 04:53 PM
for starters,513 gears from a side kick are put into samurai 3rd housings,and they just don't bolt in ,you have to space the gears and use a ring plate to keep the pins in .side kick rear housing is in the middle (like a toy rear diff).zukes to the pass. side.find out what housings are under your zuke ,then you can trace gears and axles. there is no after market axles for zuke or side kick unless you get chrome ally axles.witch are the same just stronger.there are a lot of different gear ratios for both.counting gear ratios is easy.just see how much tour pinion output turns in relation with your wheel.if you got any pics of housings.post them.hope that helps .lock the rear and weld the front if you have locking hubs. cheers.