View Full Version : A question for all you kayaker's and canoeists here.

Ry' & Jen
08-13-2011, 04:33 PM
What make, model, style, or type of PFD do all you paddlers here
use for kayaking and canoeing?

Jen an d I are looking at two companies so far.

First the KŌKATAT Guide PFD. Ronin PFD, OutFit for me and the MsFit Tour PFD for Jen
Or a couple from Stohlquist, the Descent.

The Guide sells for $200.00, Ronin $195.00, OutFit $140.00 and the MsFit $140.00 and the Stohlquist Descent $195.00

These were all at Mountain Equipment Co-op.


Any suggestions folks?

Jen and I went out and bought a brand new tandem foldable kayak a few day's ago!
15.5 feet long, comes in two duffel bags with paddles.
Now were on the hunt for a couple of top end PFD's, extra (Spare) paddle,
compass, Handheld VHF Radio and other related paddle sport crap!
I'll post some better pictures of it tomorrow.



08-14-2011, 09:06 AM
go with the guide model. I have one slightly like that but the zipper is sideways. the longer vests are a pain in the arese when you sit cause they rub everything...specially in these "cruiser" types of kayaks I find. Oh and make sure whatever vest you do get, has a knife holder...saves your ass.

Ry' & Jen
08-14-2011, 08:53 PM

X2 on the knife holder.
Hell, I carry on me all the time at least two knives.